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I'm considering picking up a Radiomir, after owning a Luminor for quite some time.
The reason for my potential purchase is that I find I do not wear the Luminor as a work watch very often due to its thickness. I also had a 328 Luminor (312 with bracelet) that I quickly sold due to its inability to fit under any shirt cuffs.

Unfortunately I do not live within 200 miles of a Panerai AD, so I cannot try on the watch. From speaking with the AD I last dealt with, it appears that the PAM388 is thicker than the Luminor I already have.

Does the 388 wear like a Luminor? Is the case shape more clunky akin to the 312 and 328? or does the case shape make it less clunky and bulky?

Should I resign myself to considering the 183 and 210 models?

thanks for any help

Forgot to mention watches that I do like in the same size range

Lumtec Tungsten M6
Panerai Luminor 111
Breitling Chronomat B1
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