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So this is yet another radium is a dangerous post.

I've been looking at this vintage watch - measured on the Geiger at 9.99 uMs/h. Actually, from what I understand, it was off the charts because the Geiger only goes that high.

Now, I know about the dangers of radium paint if ingested or inhaled. The dial is definitely painted with radium.

However, I found out that the bezel, made of Bakelite and completely intact is also painted with radium paint.

I assume the high Geiger reading is likely due to the Bakelite-radium bezel.

I know radium paint inside the watch is "safe" and won't cause you much harm.

However, what are people's opinions here of the radium Bakelite bezel? Safe? Unsafe? Can anyone tell me with scientific clarity it's safe ?

Note: can you tell I really want this watch? Lol

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