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rado watches

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hi everyone i'm new to the watch scene and i just have some questions i'd like to ask about rado watches. i've seen several posts about vintage rado watches but i'm more concerned with contempory examples. in particular, i'm looking at the integral and ceramica models.

1. do you guys think that these watches are worth their price given that most of them are quartz movement? i've heard that generally speaking, mechanical watches are more valuable than quartz.

2. how well do you think the new watches will hold their value over time?

3. is it true that the ceramics used to make the watches are completely scratch proof? and what if you happen to drop the watch, does it crack easily like glass?

4. lastly, do you think these kind of watches would look out of place on a 20 year old's wrist?

answer as many questions as you like, i appreciate the advice :thanks
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Welcome to WUS!!!
If you like the clean styling, yes. My wife got a Multifunction black Rado for X-mas. Awesome, loads of functions in a Dressy watch!
It will depreciate, just like all other watches. Buy it for your enjoyment, not for the resale value. Rado's are very liked in Scandinavia and Germany, areas well known for the tasteful, clean Designs, and Quality.
Well, Diamond and similarily hard materials will scratch it. The Ceramic will crack like Ceramic, not glass. Glass is "unceramized Ceramic", much weaker. To make cearamic, you start with a glass and then do a hardening process.
No, hell, absolutely not! It all depends if you are of the Elegant type or more of a Redneck type. By wearing a Rado and not a G-shock shows you have a certain degree of finesse and elegance!
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thanks for the warm welcome and informative post!

anybody have anything else they'd like to contribute?
To me, they have always had a very strange appeal. One part of me thinks they look like something only a greasy coked up Vegas casino owner in the late 80's could pull off... But for that very reason, I kind of like them! b-)

I'm an Industrial Design major, so design is important to me. If I had to guess, I would say that most contemporary Rados will not age well (another reason I'd have a hard time actually buying one). They are anything but timeless... They are very modern and trendy. BUT, from what I have seen they are good quality, and the designs are very bold so if you like the design today, you will probably still like the watch in 20 years.

I'd have a hard time spending Rado money on a Quartz watch. I personally love the feeling of a mechanical watch on my wrist. I love that it must be worn/wound, that it ticks loudly... It's like having a little animal on your wrist!

A 20 year old could certainly wear one. Hell, I'm wearing my 1940's retangular gold Girard Perregaux as I type this, and I'm only 19. Certainly not what I "should" be wearing (I have my Superocean and a few others for that), but I get lots of compliments. If you like it, go for it.
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If you like it, go for it.
I agree. Rado designs are very cool and interesting, not my cup of tea, but they are good watches nonetheless. Hope you find one you like!
I love Rado. I have seen them traveling in europe and SE asia over the last few yrs. I finally had the good fortune to purchase two pre owned from my local AD. They were estate watches that I got for a screaming deal.

Sintra Jubile'

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I like the design. I've handled a few and the ceramic is rather hard -- definitely not likely to pick up scratches from incidental contact with steel like a steel watch would, so that rules out most things lying around. They aren't super expensive despite the fact that they are quartz, and you can usually get good discounts on them. If they come out with a fairly slim ceramic 2892-based watch with hour indices, I'd certainly consider one.
thanks for the responses guys, do you know how old that multifunction one is, chronohound?
thanks for the responses guys, do you know how old that multifunction one is, chronohound?
Not sure. I think the paperwork was missing on one of them. If I do recall it was from the late 90's, but I think it was the Sintra. I know Rado still makes both of these models. Check out their website. The model number is slightly different, but I was able to purchase links for it after I bought it. It was 2 short of fitting at the time I purchased it.
Any love for Rado?

High ceramic technology.

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