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Raketa 24H "Pilot" Pics

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камрады (which I'm hoping means "Comrades"!):

I was messing around with the камера (camera) and took some photos of my Raketa "Pilot", with its new "CoolWatchStraps" Kevlar-like strap.

The darn strap was nearly as much as the watch at $30.70 with shipping (ouch!), but what price love?!

What do you think?

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I'm really curious.

This watch looks brand new.I heard that Raketa went out of business, and was bought by a company that makes inferior watches with Chinese movements under the Raketa name. What type of movement does it have? Any chance of a photo?

BTW, the dial is very nice. One of the best I've ever seen in a 24 hour watch.
It is brand new, as are all my other Raketas. Here's a photo I just took of the movement, I don't know if it's Russian or not, perhaps a more experienced WUS Russian expert can tell?

While I'm not an "expert" on Russian watches, I've worked on several Raketas. This is the Russian made Raketa movement without question. What puzzles me is how crude the finishing is compared to the Raketa pocket watch below.

Just a few points: there is no brush finishing on the bridges, the rachet wheel is completely unfinished, there is no shock absorber on the third wheel and so on. The movement is very basic.

Let's compare it to the movement that is in your pocket watches:

This is a very nicely finished movement, well up to Swiss standards. Also, the shock absorbers for the balance seem to be inca bloc, but those in the top photo are not.

Sorry for all these endless questions, but I like these watches quite a bit and I'm thinking of buying one or two of them for myself. Was there any specification about the movement? Did the pocket watch have a see through case back?
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=Sodiac;1950165]No problem with questions! The back of the pocket watch looks like this, photo below. I bought the 2 pocket watches and 3 Raketa wristwatches from Zenitar on eBay...

The wristwatches usually cost $34.00- $39.00 USD. I find them both to be very accurate; not as accurate as a Komandirskie I also bought from him, which is amazingly accurate and which doesn't vary more than about 10 seconds of the set time over 3-4 days! But the Raketa yellow pocket watch runs within 10 seconds to the set time in 24 hours.

The Raketa wristwatches can vary; as I mentioned, the "thicker" hand Raketas, like my Pilot, seem to run more accurate than the "thin" hand Raketas. people seem to get a real kick out of seeing me pull out a pocket watch, and most non-WIS types have never seen a 24 hour watch, much less a 24 hour pocket watch.....
Thanks for all the information. I was wondering if maybe the watch with the superior finishing came from a watch with a glass back. Now I understand that some of these watches are older than others, which accounts for the variations in finish of the movements.
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