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Raketa 24H "Pilot" Pics

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камрады (which I'm hoping means "Comrades"!):

I was messing around with the камера (camera) and took some photos of my Raketa "Pilot", with its new "CoolWatchStraps" Kevlar-like strap.

The darn strap was nearly as much as the watch at $30.70 with shipping (ouch!), but what price love?!

What do you think?

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I really like the face of the watch

I really like the look of the watch, What diameter is the case? Also it is nice to have a 24 hour watch, it makes you think a bit.

Thank For Posting,
Beautiful Pictures! What Kind of Camera was Used?

Great pictures by the way, very professional, what kind of camera and lens combination are you using. I have great difficulty photographing my watches, I do not get the lighting right, too many reflections. Can you elaborate on how the shots were taken?

Thanks Again,
Lume Question?

Hello Again,
Do the numbers and markers have any lume? I have a couple of inexpensive Russians coming in I believe they are Vostok's and you can't go wrong for the money, even if you have to wind them up. I'll see if I like them when they come in. I have all of sudden taken a liking to some of the Russian watches, because they look so different and are out of the ordinary of what you find everyday, and a lot of them are priced right. Watch buying is addicting, and now with decent looking cheaper watches, I'm in trouble!

1 - 3 of 44 Posts
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