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Raketa 24H "Pilot" Pics

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камрады (which I'm hoping means "Comrades"!):

I was messing around with the камера (camera) and took some photos of my Raketa "Pilot", with its new "CoolWatchStraps" Kevlar-like strap.

The darn strap was nearly as much as the watch at $30.70 with shipping (ouch!), but what price love?!

What do you think?

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This is a fake Raketa (Zenitar - is one of the worst sellers on Internet)

see our black list

Petrodvorets Watch Factory's BLACK LIST
Черный список Петродворцового Часового Завода

The list of the bellow shops sell Counterfeits Raketa and/or Poljot Watches
Список магазинов, продающих фальшивые часы "Ракета" и/или "Полет"

It is not recommanded to buy watches from these shops/sellers. You may end up with a watch that does not work properly.
Мы не рекомендуем Вам покупать часы в этих магазинах/у этих продавцов. В итоге Вы можете оказаться с часами, которые плохо работают.

EBAY WARNING !!!Generally ebay does nothing to stop sellers from selling counterfeits
ПРЕДУПРЕЖДЕНИЕ о вебсайте EBAY!!!! Обычно ebay сайт ничего не делает, что бы предотвратить продажу поддельных товаров

If your shop is on this list and you want to be taken off the list please contact info(at)
Если Ваш магазин оказался в этом листе и Вы хотите его убрать из черного списка, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами по электронной почте: info(at)

IF you see fake Russian watches sold in a store please let us know.
ЕСЛИ Вы обнаружили фальшивые часы "Ракета" в магазине - дайте нам знать.

This list does not cover all the sellers of counterfeits. Before buying please contact us to make sure you buy a real Russian watch, a real Raketa, a real Poljot
Этот список не полностью отражает всех продавцов подделок. Перед тем как сделать покупку, пожалуйста, убедитесь, что Вы покупаете настоящие российские часы, настоящую "Ракету" или "Полет".

All the shops in the Vernissage Market (Ismailovo Moscow) Sell counterfeits that it be Raketa or Poljot
Все магазины, без исключения, которые находятся на Ярмарке в Измайлово (Москва) продают фальшивые часы "Ракета" и "Полет".

Adress Name of the shop or the seller Comment nikolai888 collectibles_ua ebay russian_dvd ebay petrovich ebay russianornaments ebay zenitar ebay ruscamera store ebay moscowphoto ebay Paradis-russe ebay irinarussie ebay
This thread was not about Zenitar :roll:

Well, we've understood now: Zenitar is one of the worst sellers in the world, for Raketawatch. Stop repeating, please!:-d
It wouldn't be so bad if Raketa actually answered emails sent to them about whether certain watches and sellers, with full details, were genuine or not instead of hijacking all these threads. It just needed one new thread with this announcement.
Raketa has had that list of bad sellers on their website for quite a while. Fake Raketas made from secondhand Raketa movements are so common that they probably don't have time to respond to every inquiry. And they probably figure that some things should be obvious, like the fact that a legitimate Russian watchmaker is going to honor the Luftwaffe at about the same time that the U.S. puts Benedict Arnold's face on a stamp.
Not a Luftwaffe in sight but a "genuine" dial design on my requests for clarification so your comment was not very useful. Raketa keeps saying "email us". Won't bother in future and just buy what I like from wherever.
41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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