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RE: Collection sale: Samurai, Bullet, 6309, Quartz.

Collection up for sale here. Unfortunately, these have to go due to financial issues. Will sell as a set, or individually. Contact for questions, etc either through email: [email protected] or board PM. (Email is faster, but either is fine.)

Edits: Seiko Samurai - SOLD.
SKXa552 - SOLD.
6309 - SOLD

Collection: Now individual sale only. (Paypal prefered.) Individual prices below with descriptions, conUS usps shipping and assuming a paypal transaction. (Will ship/deal international with references and partial shipping costs.)
Complete photo shoot is here:[email protected]/sets/72157621860136810/

Still on the block:
Seiko 8F32-0400 Titanium Perpetual Calendar, quartz.
Casio G-Shock GW-810 rubber

Seiko SBDA001 Black Samurai (Rubber, leather and Ti bracelet) (SOLD)
Seiko SKXA55k2 Orange Bullet on Zulu 2-ring, Watchadoo and Presidents. (SOLD)
Seiko 6309-7049 on Zulu 2-ring (SOLD)

1. ***SOLD *** Seiko SBDA001 Black Samurai. Good condition, say 85%. Some small scratches from band changes, scrape on Bezel ring (but not face). Face has no marks . Comes on leather (black with red stitching and edging), Seiko rubber flat vent, and a Samurai Ti bracelet, resized but with all links. I wore the bracelet all of 3 times.

Keeps great time, and crown feels good. Comes with a box and tag.

Asking *** SOLD *** $210 (watch, bracelet, bands.)

2. (***SOLD***) Seiko SKXA55k2 Orange Bullet on Zulu 2-ring, Watchadoo and Seiko Presidents bracelets, both sized and with extra links. A few marks on the Watchadoo from sizing it. Seiko bracelet has an extra pair of holes drilled in the clasp and a notch milled for one extra microadjust setting. Including rubber vent and Martec Composite Elite (black sticthing).

Watch is in great condition, a few scratches from everyday wear. Call it 85%. Keeps great time.

Asking: $140 (***SOLD***)

3. (***SOLD***) Seiko 6309-7049 on Zulu 2-ring
Good restoration candidate. Diver is in about 70% condition. Minor scratches on face and case, some mars from strap changes over the years. Bezel ring is a bit chewed up, but moves well. Crown feels great, easy to set. Keeps good time (on par with the SKXa552), however, the reserve seems to be low. Holds time for about 12-20 hours after worn for a few. Has been worn a few hours a month for the last year to keep it going. Was a daily wearer for a few months before that. Mostly dove a desk for the last 15 years after it had a year or two of monthy real dives (40-60 ft, Florida waters).

Asking $125 **SOLD**

4. Seiko 8F32-0400 Titanium Perpetual Calendar, quartz.
A nice solid titanium watch and bracelet (integrated). I liked this a lot as a dress watch, and I really hate to see it go. Perpetual calendar, bought off watchuseek a few weeks ago and worn a few times since then. Has recent battery (they are supposed to last 8 years) and is set properly with the current date. Comes with box, tag, and some paper like items.

Asking $100

5. Casio G-Shock GW-810 rubber. And last, the watch that doesn't fit.
Atomic, solar, GW-810 on rubber. SS accents have been lightly brushed with scotchbrite. Face and case are in 90% condition, band is 85%. (mostly just a bit of dirt, no tears or nicks.) Worn maybe 20 times in the year I've had it, but usually worn in a working condition.

Asking $50.


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Re: Collection sale: Samurai, Bullet, 6309, Quartz.

pm sent

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Re: Quartz and g-shock left. Others sold.

All PM's replied to.
Samurai, Bullet and 6309 sold.

Quartz Ti Perpetual calendar and G-shock left.

Thanks WUS and buyers.
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