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Many of us here have complained about the one that got away. The watch that we sold for no good reason and have regretted ever since. I made that mistake myself less than a year ago with my Great Barrier Reef.
I was able to buy a mint second hand Ploprof at a very reasonable price from an AD and had blinders on. Suddenly my favorite watch wasn't getting any love as I couldn't justify wearing anything but the much more expensive piece.
After letting the reef go, I felt like Ron Burgundy in the bear's den...

So the search was on, and with a little help from a fellow Oris advocate here, Boaters helped point me in the right direction. I was fortunate to find the limited piece at a reasonable price, and in unworn mint condition to boot.
I think the universe was on my side after apologizing to the watch Gods for my betrayal. The price of a piece shouldn't take precedence over wrist time.
For those who are debating selling a piece you love for a quick buck, sleep on it for at least a week before pulling the trigger!
Thanks for stopping by, and stay classy WUS...
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