Here we take a look back at what watch-related gear you were putting in your Amazon shopping carts last year. First up: the best watch accessories, according to you.

Through our affiliate partnership with Amazon, we were able to access lists of the most popular items purchased by our readers. Looking at what you bought in 2017 offered a few insights: You're not just collectors, you're do-it-yourselfers; Casio and Timex are the most-trusted affordable options ; and you're wearing Japanese watches .

In this post, we take a look at the most popular watch-related tools and accessories:

Tools for DIY repairs

Bergeon 6767-F spring bar tool

By far the most popular watch-related item is this Swiss-made Bergeon spring bar tool. It features tips of hardened tampering steel and a stainless steel handle with knurled grips. If you're looking to save a few bucks, the runner-up spring bar tool by Wrist & Style costs less and features three interchangeable tools. Price: $20 at Amazon

EzTool watch repair toolkit and manual

For the beginners, this kit comes with an illustrated, full-color, 41-page maintenance and service manual to learn the basics. It also contains all the tools you'll need for the job including: a three-point XL Jaxa wrench, a case opening pry, case wrench teeth, anti-magnetic tweezers, a spring bar removal tool, a double face plastic and metal hammer, a link removal tool, spare LRT pins, needle-nose pliers, and a watch band holder, as well as a selection of flathead and Philips screwdrivers and pin punches. Price: $24.87 at Amazon

Polywatch scratch remover

The most-trusted scratch remover among our readers, Polywatch works on plastic watch crystals only. For glass and sapphire glass repair, you'll need something stronger .

Tiny abrasive particles in the Polywatch scratch remover buff the surface and cracks are filled with some of the original plastic being ground down. Use it like a polish, applying it at a right angle to the scratches with a soft cloth and working the area for a few minutes. Price: $7.95 at Amazon

Paylak TSLK3 watch band pin and link remover

This pin and link remover works on bands up to 21-mm wide and includes three extra pins. Price: $14.50 $12.61 at Amazon

JP Leatherworks 22-mm stainless steel spring bar pins

The most popular spring bars are the 22- and 24-mm stainless steel double-flanged ones from JP Leatherworks. Price: $5.49 at Amazon

iStrap stainless steel butterfly deployant double push spring clasp

Made of stainless steel, this butterfly deployant buckle opens with the push of two buttons. Made to fit most watch straps up to 3.55 mm, it can be bought in widths from 16 to 20 mm and in available in a polished silver, gold, rose gold and black finishes. Comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty. Price: $9.99 at Amazon

Eurotool friction ball watch case opener

Open watch case backs easily and with care using this ball. Price: $9.58 at Amazon

Energizer 2032 battery four pack

The most-trusted battery among our readers is made by the Energizer Bunny-brand and designed not to leak in for up to two years after their last use, which can save you from annoying repairs if forgotten inside a device. Price: $4.95 at Amazon

Timechant CoolFire TC-1046 solar watch rapid charger

Use this device to charge your solar watch faster and without the chance of overheating. Output comes from 30,000 LUX LED lights, and the charger is powered by a USB connection. Price: $26.99 at Amazon

BluShark travel watch case

This crush-proof case is covered in durable ballistic nylon, its recessed interior fits most waters up to 45 mm in diameter. Lined in soft velvet to reduce the risk of scratching, this case keeps watches in place so they don't move around during travel. Price: $15 at Amazon

The most in-demand straps

BluShark Original premium nylon watch strap

Comfortable and durable, the Original BluShark nylon strap has sealed holes, stitched hardware and a premium buckle. Price: $18 at Amazon

Hirsch Liberty 20-mm leather watch strap in brown

Made of vegetable-tanned saddle leather, this strap features hand-painted edges, and a contrasting backstitch seam tied off at the lug ends. The calfskin retains its natural grain and the classic Hirsch design of the metal buckle has a polished finish. Price: $39 at Amazon

Ritche 20-mm mesh stainless steel bracelet watch

This stainless steel mesh bracelet with silver clasp comes with a watch band tool. Available in 110- and 75-mm lengths, the band is 20-mm wide at the end and 2.5-mm thick. Price: $10.99 at Amazon

deBeer oyster style 20-mm solid link metal watch band in silver

Part of deBeer's Europe collection, this oyster style solid metal silver watch band has a brushed satin finish. Price: $42.50 at Amazon

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