Siduna Watches . You may not have heard of the brand just yet, but you will do.

The marque, which has existed since the 19 th century, was taken over by watchmaker and watch designer Peter Wadbro and Francis Jacquerye from a retired watchmaker. Together they have relaunched and re-energized it with three core values: excitement, expertise, and endurance.

Siduna partners Peter Wadbro and Francis Jacquerye

Being genuine watch guys, they have no need or desire to shout about their credentials, suffice to say Peter trained as a watchmaker in Sweden and has WOSTEP certification, while Francis is the former chief designer for Longines.

The mission is to create watches that pretty much defines the Watchuseek raison d'être: They must be exciting to buy, exciting to wear and a pleasure to talk about.

Francis and two other shareholders transferred their business from Switzerland to Sweden in 2016, and have set up their own établissage -a method of dividing the manufacturing work into small specialized and independent units and assembling all the pieces for the finalization of the product.


Now they are all set and ready to release their first project on November 1; an affordable but top quality 42mm Flyback Chronograph. Powering it is the Caliber 13 Phi, with the option of either a standard version or an adjusted flyback chronograph mechanism. It's a heavily modified Valjoux 7750 movement, with all modifications exclusive to Siduna.

This first model from the brand is a faithful and knowledgeable tribute to a 1973 Lemania chronograph. It's inspired by a military standard of the era from the Swedish Air Force (Svenska Flygvapnet). The frame reproduces a design from Ervin Piquerez SA from 1968 employed by more than half-a-dozen brands such as Breguet, Bucherer, Heuer, Lemania, Rodania, Sinn and Wakmann.

Water-resistant to 100 meters, the watch uses a satin PVD black steel bezel insert with luminous numerals. It will be produced in very limited quantities - just 100 pieces for the first model, entirely designed and assembled in Sweden with highly corrosion resistant austenic stainless steel, but with the opportunity for owners to upgrade the movement, the dial or the hands at a later point.

Not only do Peter and Francis know everything about their new watch, they also have a good idea where it will fit in a collection; as an additional quality tool watch for seasoned collectors with a love of finely considered military style watches.


At the time of writing Siduna will be shipping the new watch, available in a Standard or Flyback version in 43 days and 21 hours. The M3440 comes by default on a nitrile rubber strap, but other options include a fine German top grain calf available in black, Havana brown or rouille color.

The M3440 sells for €1,860 ex VAT in the standard version and €2,340 ex VAT in the Flyback version, complete with a two-year warranty.


Siduna wants to offer 10% discount to all Watchuseek members using the code WUS9X.

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