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Real alligator strap vs embossed cow leather - functional/durable comparison

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Based on my search, this topic has been done here before but the threads seem to get off topic before there’s much of an answer or consensus.

I’m only interested in the functional difference between authentic alligator straps and their much cheaper embossed leather counterparts. Will gator last longer? Is it more wear or water resistant? What are the actual useful benefits of real gator? Etc.

Or or is it just a pricey luxury strap material that feels better and looks better (arguably I’m sure)?
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In my opinion authentic alligator or crocodile straps are much better and more comfortable but when it comes time to replace them they are very expensive.
This is why they are usually replaced with
much cheaper and harder embossed leathers, when it comes to water resistance all leathers will fail with the exception of Shell cordovan.
In my experience living in South Fl. the humidity and the sweat will destroy an alligator or crocodile strap in no time, usually the embossed leather will last a little longer.
That's the reason I only wear leather straps during the winter and if I wear leather in the summer is only Shell cordovan.

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