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Real alligator strap vs embossed cow leather - functional/durable comparison

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Based on my search, this topic has been done here before but the threads seem to get off topic before there’s much of an answer or consensus.

I’m only interested in the functional difference between authentic alligator straps and their much cheaper embossed leather counterparts. Will gator last longer? Is it more wear or water resistant? What are the actual useful benefits of real gator? Etc.

Or or is it just a pricey luxury strap material that feels better and looks better (arguably I’m sure)?
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Late to the game but I would say the difference is blatantly obvious on all levels. Once you really know what to look for you spotting an embossed strap off a picture alone is not that hard, even if it is black. The thing is though the question is less about the embossing and more about the leather that got said embossing. Companies selling a strap for less than 50 USD are not using high quality leathers for these embossed straps.

So will a 30-50 dollar embossed strap (or really any 30-50 dollar strap) hold up when compared to a 150+ dollar legit alligator (or honestly any higher end leather) strap. No, not on any level. It will not look anywhere near as attractive, it will not have a good feel when touched, it will be less durable overall, it absolutely will be less water resistant, it probably will be stiffer and less comfortable to wear, you will probably get that god awful sweat stain eating oyster glove lining crap, etc etc.

If you do want to buy an authentic alligator strap I would not buy from Hirsch though, their prices are unreasonable in my opinion. Many custom makers out there can get you just as good a hide, strap, better finishing, and well custom options, for less than the cost of a Hirsch Viscount.

That said there are high end embossed straps if you want maximum durability/rugged leather, with just the look of alligator or croc. For example....

That said, those straps cost more than 50 dollars. Sometimes just as much as the real alligator, but the trade is you get a "durable" leather.
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