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Real or Fake Omega Geneve?

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I was browsing in an antique store in Vancouver, Canada when I saw something odd that looked like a 60s or 70s Omega, priced at a little under 200 dollars, and in really good shape. I bought the watch, but when i got home and opened up the case back it looks just like this. I don't know much about omegas from the 70s at all, but it seems to me like it is missing a lot of the stamps on the movement that I have seen on a lot of older Omegas. (especially on the counterweight) :think:

If you need any more info let me know. I'm not too worried, but if it is real, I think I got a very good deal on the piece.
Let me know what you guys think! :)

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I'm reluctant to declare myself 100% sure but I think your one is genuine. I have an Omega Geneve in stainless steel from 1971 with a 21 jewel 1481 movement, which has steps like that. I think I can see 1480 written on yours which would have been the 17 jewel version at the time. As a quick test if you push in the crown and then release it fully the date should move forward one day. NB Only do this between 3.00am and 9.00pm to avoid damaging the date disc.

The pictures below show my watch that is 100% authentic and original.

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Thanks for responding and for the reassurance. I'm happy with it so far, it keeps good time etc. I was just kind of confused by the lack of omega markings on the movement that I've seen on other models. Do you happen to have a picture of the movement on yours?
Either way, it's good to have a second opinion and to see those pictures especially. They look the same to me on the outside at least.
Like I said, I knew next to nothing about these watches.

Thanks for the input!
The movement is a joint effort of Omega and Tissot to make an economical mass-production piece. That's why the markings are in a sticker, rather than in expensive etchings/stamps.
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It's true this movement was developed together with Tissot and there is a thread on this forum about the movement including images. I also have a NOS Omega Geneve Dynamic with the 1481 movement. My understanding is that Tissot and Omega have worked together on several projects over the years.

EDIT: Here is a photo of the Dynamic

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Thanks for the info, guys. Especially that link to the other thread. I hadn't seen that one yet. Feeling great about this buy now b-)
That's actually a great buy. Enjoy your vintage piece!
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