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Real or Fake Omega Seamaster?

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Hi guys, very new to the site, and also very new to watches. Just got back from vacation in Europe, and fell in love with a couple watches people were wearing around over there.

After research, I've decided I'd like to start my collection with an older Omega watch. I've been perusing the forums, and I've also been checking around on Ebay. I saw a couple suggest members of Ebay that were trusted, although I did not see this member. I'd like to know if this watch seems to be real before I send my money off. I checked his feedback, and it seems he sells a lot of vintage Omega's, all with positive feedback for him.

Also, what should a watch like this go for if it is indeed real?


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I'd give that one a miss. The movement is real, as is the case and they probably started life as a nice neat little Geneve. However the redial sums up everything that is wrong with dodgy redials in one fell swoop.

Apart from anything else, compare:



Notice how you have watches with three different style cases, different hands, and yet identical dials.

I would really suggest that you need to either know a fair bit more or be far more conservative in your choice of sellers or ebay will not be the best place to buy for you. Feel free to post watches you find here for comment, but be aware that others will be watching and bidding...

Why not try to find images of specific Omega military watches to give you an idea of what they actually look like?
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Thank you very much for the information. I did notice that there have been some same dials in the ebay auctions, but I had thought maybe with the Military vintage Omegas, they may have been made with some of the same parts.

I am always weary of using Ebay for things with authentication problems, but that watch so far has been my most favorite Omega aesthetic's-wise that I've seen, so I figured I might as well try to grab it for what seemed(to me) a good deal.

Thanks again M4tt!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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