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Real or Fake Omega

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I think this one is a Frankenstein, but I could be wrong I believe the early constellations were 17J bumper watches, the 1st rotors were I believe 19J then they went to 24. Looks like a rotor on this one when it should have been a bumper so I think the movements off. Also when I look at the dial something seems off the seconds width seems inconsistent at the date, maybe a refinish dial? Its 37mm, at $299 dont know if it is worth it as a franenstein.
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I did see other users ask simiar questions, In this case its not just a vetting forum its a discussion of a watch. I did not simply list a watch and ask a question I added content and my observations I think this is also a learning forum as well as discussions on warches. I notice you are a premium member with a lot of posts, your tone is very aggressive and literraly attacking a newbie, does not reflect well on you
some seriously hostile folks here on this forum. Suggests looking for another forum where members are cordial.
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It's not endemic to WUS Evad.
Welcome to the forum by the way.
Check out WRUW-what are you wearing- daily threads 😎
Good people, great watches and a great sense of community.😍
Different forums have WRUW daily threads!
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