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Real or Fake Omega

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I think this one is a Frankenstein, but I could be wrong I believe the early constellations were 17J bumper watches, the 1st rotors were I believe 19J then they went to 24. Looks like a rotor on this one when it should have been a bumper so I think the movements off. Also when I look at the dial something seems off the seconds width seems inconsistent at the date, maybe a refinish dial? Its 37mm, at $299 dont know if it is worth it as a franenstein.
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Alright gents lets tone it down and try to give helpful responses.

edit: It may be a redial with a movement that probably has had components replaced. Crown does not look right. So possibly something assembled.
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Thanks, good point ! I've been collecting for over 20 years, just have not posted on this forum. Have unique collection of original mesh NOS Accutron 1960s bands (Not trying to sell anything) just mentioning due to a love for Accutrons. Some of my favorite brands, Omega, Accutron, and Bucherer (Not Carl Bucherer!) and Art deco watches. Cant believe how well a tank watch from the 1930s can run!!
Welcome to WUS and the Omega club. I've got three 1970's Omega f300hz tuning fork watches in nice running condition but not nos.
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Those f300hz are getting pretty rare, fantastic watches, I have one Omega seamaster 300mhz (The "cone " shaped one) at the repair shop in pieces, I have a Movado/Zenith electronic watch I have not had the time to open that up and change the battery but it should be a 300Hz ESA 9162 tuning fork movement, I had to import it from Australia.
Nice. Yes the hummer watches are an interesting niche to collect. Several quality brands used the tuning fork movement. I've got 2 Constellations and 1 DeVille.
Please stay closer to the topic guys..
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