The famous Ford Mustang of the 1960s is not only the inspiration, but also the raw material for the latest creation from the REC Watches and StudioDivine partnership.

The watches are created from salvaged and recycled Mustangs, and as a result, the P-51 wrist watch is a must-have timepiece for anyone with a passion for classic cars and muscular, bold design.

A Kickstarter campaign for REC Watches, which runs till January 4, has already exceeded its funding goal by more than US$100.000 and with a month still to go is already the most funded mechanical watch on Kickstarter in European history. REC is the creation of Danish dynamic duo Christian Mygh and Jonathan Kamstrup.

A number of design flourishes make reference to the classic car from which each watch is made. The timepiece itself is powered by a Miyota 9130 automatic movement; complete with date and power reserve functions.

The P-51 will be available in three distinct variations, each harking back to the Ford Mustangs of half a century ago. For example, the P-51-01 features skeleton and orange hands over a black dial with a black calf leather strap. Currently, a pledge of $2,242 will secure you a set of 3 P-51 Mustangs, which is 50% of full price, but there are only 4 sets left at the time of writing.

Visit the REC Watches Kickstarter page