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A few years back, I switched to Quartz movements, they were always ready to go, less maintenance and more rugged, then recently I went back to vintage watches. Winding every day, re-setting the time every other day, finding a dependable place to maintain them that I trust and does good work etc. I do like winding the watches and hearing the tik, tik sound but my last purchase was a Seiko Quartz Mechanical RAF issues watch and man, I know Quartz is looked down up by the congnoscenti, but I have renewed appreciation for them. I pick it up and it is exactly on time, every day. Just strap it on and go...there is something tool-ish and cool about it as well. I think it was nice to get away from them for a bit and now I have renewed appreciation for them. If I was going camping for example with no phone to sync with, I would take my Quartz field watch any day.
I have always appreciated quartz. at least one has been in my collection for years. Lately, I have been thinking of selling off the autos and just using quartz. So much less hassle. We'll see how it turns out

Tom V.
1 - 1 of 68 Posts