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After many years of being a "mechanical only" person, I definitely have switched back to a lot of quartz. I feel like I got back into watches because of the interest in the mechanisms, but started being more reliant on something that actually tells the time on my wrist. If the goal is to know the time on your wrist, quartz is probably almost in everyway better than a mechanical will be. Especially if you go solar/atomic/GPS/high accuracy. Also the thought of having to service like 15 mechanical watches (of which maybe only a handful I would actually service vs. just wait for something to go wrong), became a bit overwhelming, and the quartz watch became also more appealing to add to a bigger collection.

Now I'm probably 75% mechanical, 25% quartz, but probably the quartz segment will be the one to grow in the future.
1 - 1 of 68 Posts