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If it was some sort of glue be it one spot (super glue) or contact adhesive or a silicone type adhesive there would be a residue. Also if the crystal was glued how could the compression ring do its job and how could the seal improve with increased pressure? The crystal needs to be able to move..
It has to be a lube to help with crystal installation even that though should leave some residue really though, but that might be harder to see..
You make a good point, nonetheless I removed the crystal from my Soviet 470 & there was most definitely some sort of residue (white powdery substance) in the crystal track. I've seen it on another Soviet Amphibian as well. Unless that is the residue of communism, there was something applied to the crystal (perhaps not by the factory) and I don't buy the lube theory.

24h, the only tool you will need is a crystal press. I have a very cheap one & while I see its shortcomings, it works for my needs. You're very unlikely to need it for the crystal removal, but otherwise the videos you linked are an accurate portrayal of the process.

If you are inclined to do me a favor, could you test your case for WR prior to removing the crystal once you've replaced the gaskets? Then measure the crystal once you've removed it? I'm having an issue restoring WR to a Soviet 470. Let us know if you find any residue.
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