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Greetings, friends,
I've just gotten back from holidays in the region of Gdansk, a place I often go to around this time of year.
One of the attractions around this time of year is the traditional St Dominic's fair, where big portions of the old town are closed off. Half of the market consists of stalls with produce from the countryside, a fair bit of tat, etc. The other, in my eyes, more interesting half consists of a a giant flea market, where there are definitely interesting things to be found. There were a fair amount of ex-soviet watches to be found. At quite reasonable prices, too. Probably a good half of these were well-worn and only good for parts. But in keeping an eye open, there were also some very nice items in good condition. Mostly dress watches, and a huge variety of makes and models. I even came across a lady selling some NOS raketa 24h, some Wostocks and a few others - she was unfortunately a bit too gumpy for my liking, so I gave those a miss.

I did buy this nice Kirovskie for 120 Zloty (about 35 dollars). What a lovely thing it is! Ticking along nicely, but a bit fast (4 minutes/day).

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