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Re: Help with antique Asprey movement

Other Asprey movements I've come across lack the intricate engraving, "Bruton Str." hallmark, and low serial (mine is 2238, in case the picture is hard to make out). My gut tells me I have something that predates the Victoria & Albert watch, but I'm not exactly a watch expert. I have tried contacting the manufacturer and have yet to get a response. Any information that can help me place the type and date of this movement would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading,
I'm afraid it will be impossible to contact the manufacturer as William Asprey
produced watches in London between the dates 1820-51. Like many watchmaking establishments
of this time, manufacturing would stop due to his death or retirement.

Your watch is contemporary with the watch in the V&A and dates around 1820-30.
It's hard to tell, by the serial number, if it's earlier than the V&A watch because that watch is marked Smith and Asprey
and so may have been serialised differently during Aspreys collaberation with Smith. There were dozens of Smiths making watches
in London at this time but only one Asprey so it's safe to say it's probably the same one.

This looks to be a watch with a Duplex escapement as is the V&A watch.
I'm sorry to say that the watch is a relic with only curiosity value, even in good condition movements such as this can be had
for little outlay.
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