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Maybe some links is repeat previous posts

News blogs - popular russian news blog
G-Central - popular news blog
Сasiowatchparts news - popular news blog
Casio - G-Shock - - japanese news site (tags Casio and G-Shock)
Javy's Casio - fat site with watch specifications/promo
Zona Casio - spanish news blog - news blog

Very helpful
Casio digital watches - many information about Casio.
G-Shock Japan - All models on japanese
Watch Corner - watch specifications and old promo a bit.
G-Shock Wiki - famous site about G-Shock
G-mania - big photo archive of G-Shock (many limited models and collabs).
Digital Watch Library - many information about Casio (specifications) and especially Casiotron. - CASIO G-Shock battery exchange page 1, page 2 - big photo archive of replacing batteries, repair etc in G-Shock - CASIO watch battery exchange page 1, page 2 - big photo archive of replacing batteries, repair etc in Casio watch.
Mr Coo CASIO - almost same as archive Casio - big photo archive
Archived Products - list of discontinued models. Not all models presented on site.

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Hopefully it's ok to add my own website to this thread. I put a little G-Shock database online. What can you expect to find:
  • +3000 G-Shocks (ordered by series/release/module/color/band type/size/...)
  • Manuals in up to 12 languages
  • special editions
  • batteries
  • a watch search with +30 filters
  • watch comparison
  • explanation on how to read
    • model code
    • serial code
    • batch code
All this can be found under: ShockBase

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If this thread is still alive, may I suggest to reference my G-Shock Mod Simulator

It is still under construction (I am adding new models daily) but it already works well.
As its name indicates you can swap modules, bezels, and bands, among all compatible models.

At this date (2022-07-28), 122 models are supported from the 5600 series (DW-5600, GW-B5600...), rangeman (GW-94xx), Casioaks (GA-2100, GM-2100, GA-B2100) and older models (DW-5000C, DW-5200C, WW-5100, WW-5300, DW-5400, DW-5800...) - full list here.

The dedicated thread is here:

Some screenshots:
Colorfulness Rectangle Font Line Slope

Watch Font Clock Line Gadget

Watch Analog watch Clock Rectangle Font

Watch Analog watch Clock Font Electric blue

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