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FS: Ollech and Wajs Mirage III $ via paypal. Poor man’s Sinn. Price includes Pp fees and usps priority shipping. International will be extra, to be discussed. Due to covid crisis, some countries might have delays with US postal shipping so we may have to do UPS expedited. Prefer straight up sale, but would be interested in a Sinn 104 white. +/- cash depends on bracelet or not.

Diameter: 40mm
Lug size: 20mm
Thickness: 14.5mm
Lug to lug: 47mm
Movement: Valjoux 7750
Last serviced: May 2019 (cost 2400dkk/$360USD)
Approx. +12secs a day on my wrist
Minimal scratching. Mostly in the lugs due to strap change. Minimal color (black) loss on bezel. Mostly on some parts of the edge as seen in picture.
Selling Head only. May include a different (unused strap) with the watch.

Would prefer buyers with purchase history here. As for me, i have several feedbacks here, and if you google my username you’ll find me in seiko citizen forum as well. I have done 100+ transactions there, you can ask for reference if you wish.

1F390BA4-5E56-4D5E-A9D7-CCFCE63B18D0_1592786416427.jpeg E5A1246A-F911-45FF-BE66-B7811A7CC562_1592786406099.jpeg 55EC4FA7-6876-43F0-B80F-1AD81E1A970A_1592786396057.jpeg 2B92E98D-5529-433C-80C8-E235F55A241C_1592786386259.jpeg 534093A4-A118-4B30-8C2C-B31CC77B02F4_1592786376859.jpeg 158C0773-6E36-49E9-8D91-146B8469E7DD_1592786362076.jpeg B3D3F6C3-A4CA-4B3C-94BF-6A2B8CBCEF32_1592786351294.jpeg 09CAA61B-D3D1-45D7-93A4-FF4A74C45FC3_1592786338793.jpeg 59C7B39A-A6D8-4C30-AA6B-D659A0439007_1592786327172.jpeg 1C507B6A-583D-4D12-A2E6-A53D606B61EE_1592786304893.jpeg 5BD74255-D257-4EC9-8A33-8F7C6705ADC3_1592786292036.jpeg 55B1067A-0D3D-414C-B902-8FBA00EE8CA2_1592786280574.jpeg 40304C8A-47EE-43FE-8285-0C6DB4CC52E8_1592786268125.jpeg 712C86B0-36D7-4C31-81E8-4EDF60FD7BEB_1592786251238.jpeg 5CFDFDB0-366F-4283-BA45-0BD2FE36EC63_1592786235691.jpeg
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