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Reversing the negative on the G-9300GB... Dawn Black Scorpion mod

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I finally worked up the nerve to do the mod I had originally planned for the G-9300GB--reversing the negative to make the display more legible.

1.) First, opening the case: The gasket is a funny shape. The module sits neatly inside but also comes out easily. Be careful not to touch the compass sensor.

2.) Taking out the module. Notice this watch is smart enough to know when it is open and some functions are disabled. Notice also there are a whopping FIVE tiny springs sticking out of this thing. Be careful not to lose these (they don't seem to fall out easily, but you never know. they can be impossible to find sometimes if they do fall out).

3.) I used an x-acto knife with a brand new blade to carefully pry off the old polarizing filter. It is stuck on with adhesive, so it takes a little muscle, but you have to be very careful not to scratch the underlying LCD. Once it's pried enough, you can peel it off like a sticker, while holding one end with a pair of good quality tweezers. Sorry, no pictures of this nerve-wracking step.

4.) The LCD will have some adhesive left on it from the old filter. This must be completely removed. I used about 20 Q-tips soaked in acetone and rubbed it gently for about 10 minutes to get it completely clean. The adhesive comes off slowly, bit by bit. All clean:

6.) I put what was left of the old film on top of my sheet of polarizing film and traced around it with a Sharpie to get the right size. I cut it out with scissors

7.) I peeled off the protective layer on the sticky part of the film, stuck it to the LCD, then smoothed it out to clear all the bubbles, then peeled off the protective layer on the other side of the film. No pictures of this difficult step.

8.) Lastly, put together. Looks like the Dawn Black Mudman. I call this version the Dawn Black Scorpion.

9.) Some shots taken with my cheap point and shoot camera:

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wow, very very nice !!!
You've got stones to pull that one off. End result: Total AWESOMENESS!!!!!! The gold display looks fantastic and the digits look very bold on that LCD. IMO, this is what the GB should have originally looked like with the GY being the only negative display. Great job!!!
Very, very nice. Light years beyond anything I would be capable of. You are much braver than I am. Excellent result.
Wow! Better than the original. Excellent job!
|> Superb job - looks very, very good

Thats Gangsta. Nice job, your bravery has paid off!
This looks way better than the original. That being said, I mot brave enough to take apart my GB.
Definitely not a job for those with little patience, nicely done |>
Wow that looks GREAT!:) Nice work on the Photography.:-!


looks much better than the original.

kind of reminiscent of the GX-56-1b, no?
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Very, very nice! Now you need to reverse the moon-phase however :-d.

cheers, Sedi :)
Wow ... What a bravery ....
Great dissection, with a very detail pictorial.
And also an awesome result ....
Better than the original.
Congratulation .....
Thanks all, I was going to sell this one before, but now I am going to keep it for sure. By the way, I forgot to take a shot of the backlight, but it looks pretty much like you might expect. It is a green color.
That's a fantastic job, Kung and what a stunning result! I thought the original was kewl till I saw this. I like it much better... where can I get hold of some polarizing film? Thank you for showing us the way!
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