Who said watch winders have to be small, boxy and boring? Haven’t a clue, but it certainly wasn’t Juvo. From the moment I opened the massive box in which the Juvo 3-watch watch winder came, I knew I was in the presence of an entirely different type of machine.

This is no small and ashamed watch winder you quietly hide in a cupboard. This is a watch winder you proudly display in your living room. It immediately reminded me of the gleaming sleek glass and metal Hi-Fi towers that would play Tubular Bells at full volume and take pride of place in most people’s homes before Hi-Fi became WiFi and subsequently small enough to slip into a shirt pocket.

It’s a weighty quality item with sturdy cushions for your watches to rest on as they go through their daily exercises. My Juvo came in high gloss wood and aluminum finish and what looks like bulletproof glass. The glass door is there to display the sleepy automatic watches as they are gently shaken into the perpetuity of accurate time-telling.  There’s also a version with black paneling and red trim.


Because the Juvo Watch Winder uses a cable that slips into a discreet socket at the back of the watch winder, there are no obtrusive wires to get in the way when you want it to just sit there looking like a sleek conversation piece. There hasn’t as yet been any conclusive research into this, but it is generally agreed that 9 out of 10 wives/girlfriends/exes, would not have any objections to this machine taking up space on a living room shelf, side unit, or even mantelpiece.

But after you have admired the looks, bear in mind it’s also a perfectly capable watch winder. With multiple rotation speeds and independent rotation and direction settings, the Juvo M3 keeps any automatic watch wound without over-winding.

The M3 watch winder comes with a 2-year warranty complete with soft white gloves and a microfiber cloth for careful handling of your most precious watches. The Juvo M3 retails at $799.00 and is available to order on Amazon. There is also the M4, a 4-watch winder that retails at the discounted price of $999.99

We interviewed company founder Jay about Juvo and where they see themselves in the natural order of affordable luxury watch accessories.


WUS: Please explain about Juvo, the name, where it’s based, how it started and what is the mission for the new brand?

Jay: JUVO is a Latin word which translates "to give, to offer, to delight, to gratify". Our company mission is based on creating luxury watch accessories at affordable prices to offer, delight and gratify our customers.

WUS: In addition to watch winders what other watch accessories can we expect to see from Juvo?

Jay: Our goal is to revolutionize the watch winder and watch accessories marketplace by offering consumers visually appealing designs with superior technology.    Look forward to use of optics in the next generation of watch winders as well as new display cases just in time for Baselworld 2017.  Watch collectors are currently presented with one option when it comes to displaying their watches – a flat watch box.  We want to present fresh ideas on displaying your collection as part of your living environment.

WUS: Do you plan to produce any watches, and if so, what kind?

Jay: We will certainly be offering automatic watches as a complementary product to our watch accessories.  However, we will partner with existing popular watch brands to offer limited editions made for JUVO timepieces.

WUS: Can you tell us why you decided to start a business in this highly competitive arena, and why should potential customers come to you rather than more established luxury watch accessory vendors such as, for example, Buben&Zorweg? 

Jay: There is a big demand for luxury watch accessories with a big gap in the affordable luxury market. Watch winder industry in general has old technology and a very generic monochrome look. Watch winders are associated with boring square designs, and the ones that push the boundaries of design are not usually affordable.  Offering customers technically advanced and visually appealing watch accessories as an affordable luxury is our primary objective.

WUS: Has Juvo taken its influence from any other brands in the world of luxury watch accessories, and if so, which brands inspired you?

Jay: JUVO’s philosophy is form follows function.  We take inspiration from contemporary and modern objects and designers like Marc Newson and Jonathan Ive.  When you look at JUVO winder, you notice that there are no visible controls.  Our minimalist design and uses a combination of modern materials and colors to compliment your living environment.

WUS: Your 3-watch winder is certainly a quality item, did you deliberately decide to design it as an ornamental piece in addition to its being a functional product?

Jay: Yes. Why not make the winder that winds your luxury watch and is also an ornamental object. We used aluminum as a key material (a big departure from wood) to give JUVO M3 & M4 a contemporary look.

WUS: Will Juvo products be available to order online, and do you ship worldwide, or is it the plan to roll the product out into retail outlets?

Jay: Currently JUVO products are available on www.juvoluxury.com and Amazon.com. We are currently shipping in USA. International shipping is available by request only on JUVO website. M3 & M4 are our first products to market. There are key product launches planned for March 2017 (during Basel fair). Many of these 2017 models will be available in retail outlets as well.

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