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I was sold, when WUS members discussed the existence of Casio Lineage Japan Domestic Models, in this thread:

This Casio Lineage LIW-M610TDS was released in 2015, and considered as a low-end model available in Japanese domestic market only.

Manufacturer RRP 40,000 Yen
Bought from Amazon Japan at 26,500 Yen + EMS Shipping 1,400 Yen
I ordered on 29[SUP]th[/SUP] of January , and the EMS Package arrives within 5 days.

Having learned (using google translate) of Casio models in their Japan website, below are the comparison of specifications.
We can see comparisons in terms of dimensions, materials, and features of each Lineage models.

Casio Lineage 2018.jpg

Other General Specifications LIW-M610TDS:
- Tough Solar
- Sapphire glass
- NeoBrite
- Titanium case and bracelet (WITHOUT COATING)
- Radio signal reception Japan, USA, Europe and China
- Home / Local Time Switching Function
- Charge warning function
- Overcharge prevention function
- World time function (29 cities)
- Daylight saving time function 
- Day & Date Display
- Alarm


Lug to lug length – 46.3 mm
Diameter (with crown) – 41.6 mm
Case thickness – 10.6 mm

Weight – 86 gram

Pictures / Wrist-shots (my wrist is 16cm)






The downside of this watch = There is no coating to Titanium

Below is the first scratch at the fold Clasp, I believe it happened when I was adjusting my bracelets’ length.

I didn’t aware about it, not until I finished my bracelets adjustment. ☹

Here is the picture:


In addition to foregoing, this watch does not have battery indicator level.
There is no reference in its dial stating this matter.
But there is a feature of overcharge prevention.

Casio Lineage is nice watch for small-hand wrist.

It is very light, thin, quite elegant, and affordable - IMO.
But it does not have any coating..

Thank you for reading this thread :)

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You review got me interested in owning one now!

Quick question... how big is the case size without the crown?

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Not much difference. The Crown was small.

I think around 41.2 - 41.3 mm
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Thank you for posting up the comparison specifications of this Casio Lineage range.
I think the 610 is a great find!

I like these watches and have been shopping this very same range and recently picked up a second-hand
LIW-T100T. Here are a few pics for those interested.

I really like the watch and it compares favorably to the Oceanus S100 and T100.
It is smaller thinner and less chunky than the Oceanus. The Oceanus
is different really. I own auto's and quartz about evenly these days.
I like Casio three handers, I'm probably the only one on this board!!!!
The Lineage, Overland and Core Casio have some nice 3 hand waveceptor watches.

I appreciate the Tough Movement specs and especially the auto hand correction.
It's possible this is the thinnest and smallest Tough Mvt spec watch, but I have no way of
verifiing that.

When my watch arrived it was scuffed and had gone to reserve mode
(hands all straight up, date at 1) I soaked it in light and gave it a lite polish.
After aligning the hands (automatic in this watch w/ tough mvt, you just have to involke it) and now
it is perfectly aligned and is picking up the Atomic time synch signal from Ft Collins nightly.
The dial is very high contrast which I really appreciate in any watch.

I think it's nice on the silicon/rubber. What do you guys think?

The crystal is domed and scratch resistant. The dial is a standout with
applied markers, nice lume and a cool fine lined pattern vertically.
The world time on this watch is simple, just push C till you reach the city
you want and hands change. You know it is in world time mode as the
second hand remains on the city code.

It's svelte at 44X40X10.5mm and ultra light Titainium.

Of course, light thin svelte and 40mm is out of style at this point, but for folks
looking at a 3 hander, 40mm watch and with a nice set of features, along with perfect
accuracy via nightly atomic clock updates, this watch is
a fantastic value.

Hope this helps anyone looking in this segment. Be patient if shopping
used as prices seem to be all over the place.

Pic notes: Wrist is 7.5", I polished the watch after the bracelette shot.


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Looks great with the silicon strap! And watch sit perfectly on your wrist. If you don’t mind me asking, how big is your wrist?

I’m hesitating between the T100 and the m610. Debating between size vs function.

Most of my watches in my collection have lug to lug sizes of 45mm or less

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My wrist size is 7.5". 40mm feels like my sweet spot, but have watches much larger and smaller.
The T100T doesnt have an alarm or stopwatch functions, but I mostly do those with
internet connected things these days or a dive watch bezel.
I'm pleasantly surprised how handsome the watch is in person! It wears super nice.
The T100T is a bit hard to find. I had looked for quite a while before I found this.

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So OP, you got me convinced. just purchased a m610tds from japan. Can’t wait to see how this one will fit my wrist.

Hope it this one will be a keeper!!!

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