I recently visited the Glashütte Original boutique in Hong Kong and inquired about the best selling watches in the boutique - it was no surprise that PanomaticLunar and PanoReserve were their bestsellers. In fact, the Pano series defines the DNA of modern Glashütte Original.

I had also recently reviewed the Senator Observer and commented on its vintage appeal of its dial with the art deco fonts. Glashütte Original is now beginning to showcase its investment in the dial factory, based in Pforzheim, with the likes of this galvanic blue dial PanoReserve.

So, what does it take to make this electric blue (pun intended) galvanic dial?  According to Glashütte Original up to 40 separate operations, performed by true masters of their craft, are required to produce the refined and carefully finished dials.  The application of the graphic elements alone requires six separate steps.

The dial factory team's extensive experience allowed them to develop the perfectly tuned colors – intense blue and mysterious black – that give the new models their radiant glow. To achieve the desired hue it is necessary to exercise precise control over the entire galvanic coloring process, ensuring for example that the tension is at the correct level, that the dial is submerged in the bath for precisely the right length of time, and that the correct distance is maintained between the elements in the bath.

As is the case with the production of individual components of the Glashütte Original's own movements, the dials too must be produced within specified parameters. Strict standards apply for the dials, above all with regard to the grain, pressure and duration, in order to prevent changes in the color.

Similar to other watches in Pano series, this dial is also based on the theory of the Golden Ratio.  What is a Golden Ratio?  Simply put, the golden ratio is a ratio of approximately 1.618 to 1. This proportion creates a sense of harmony and balance.  The mathematical answer is expressed as an equation, when a is larger than b, (a + b) divided by a is equal to a divided by b, which is equal to about 1.618033987. That number, often represented by the Greek character "phi," is the golden ratio.


To (roughly) apply the golden ratio to this dial, we will use the rules of thirds which governs the placement of points of interest in a scene.  If we divide this dial into thirds both horizontally and vertically, the vertices of those lines are the ideal placement for points of interest.  Here you will notice that the three major points of interest are the offcenter dial, the retrograde power reserve, and the big date (panorama date).  Our eyes notice these major points of interest very easily, hence it can be considered as aesthetically pleasing.

The dial is housed in a 40mm stainless steel case with a height of 11.7mm.  PanoReserve's hands are made of white gold which not only provides better resistance against surface changes than the stainless steel hands, it also looks sublime in contrast to its blue dial. There is superluminova applied on the hour and minute hands, which is nice feature to have, but it is not as bright as the lume in Senator Observer.

The PanoReserve is powered by  Glashütte Original calibre 65-01 .  It is a hand-wound movement with a 42-hour power reserve.  The beauty of this movement can be admired from the display back under a loupe.  You notice the three-quarter plate with the stripe finish and blue screws; the details of the hand-engraved balance bridge and cock; the double-neck swan adjustment and the gently oscillating screw balance with eighteen weighted screws.  As you look closely under the screw balance, you will see the subtle details of finishing on the base plate.

The blue nubuck leather straps feels as soft as suede, but it is tougher and more resilient to stains and scuffs. As with past Glashütte Original watch reviews, my pet peeve is with the deployant strap. The deployant is somewhat awkward to operate and digs into my wrist. I have replaced mine with a tang buckle.  This is minor complaint on an otherwise perfectly executed watch.

PanoReserve retails for $11,500 and you can request more information from  Glashütte Original website .

Photo Credit: Scott Sitkiewitz