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I suppose a lot of people would think that ’dressy’ digital was a bit of an oxymoron.

However, I think personally that some do qualify.

Here is the Casio i-Range IRW-M200. The i-Range series was a very limited one that Casio issued in the mid 2000s. They definitely seemed to be an attempt to produce a dressy digital. They are solid stainless steel, small and slim with a restrained display.

In timekeeping mode you can have just the date and time showing or show dual time home and world city. It has a world city mode, 24 hr timer, 24 hr stopwatch, alarm, and and auto EL It shows the current time in every single mode, which is unusual for Casio these days. In line with its dress function you can mute the watch when moving between functions.

The buttons are unobtrusive but operate easily with a nice machined feel.

It was definitely not marketed as a sports watch as it is just ‘Water Resistant’. Fine for everyday activity but not for swimming I wouldn’t have thought. I have dunked it in the sink to clean it though and it was fine.

Another thing is that the crystal stands slightly proud of the case, meaning it is vulnerable to scratches and Casio should really have put a sapphire crystal on this watch.

The watch is highly polished across all surfaces giving it an elegant look and I prefer the negative display model to the positive as again I think it adds to its elegant, restrained look. The display and case, unlike most Casio’s, do not have a ton of information written on them, it is quite simple in this respect.

I don’t think the range was that popular. It was only sold in Japan and not for that long. Now though they tend to be snapped up pretty quickly when they come on the market. It would be very difficult to find one in the West and you are pretty much tied to seeking one in Japan.

It wears much bigger than its size would suggest as the bracelet starts at 25 mm before tapering to 19 mm at the clasp. This gives it quite a bit of wrist presence.

It is only 8 mm thick and packs a lot of functionality into that small space being solar and atomic as well as the other functions listed.

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