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Here is a G Shock that I have always wanted to get, the MRG-7100BJ. I have always thought that this is the best looking ana/digi G Shock ever made.

They are a sought after watch because they were quite a limited issue with only 1000 made. I have had to be patient as I wanted to get one in good condition with the box and papers and with all the links. You have to be careful with sized MRGs from Japan, that the links are there, as there would be a risk it would be too small otherwise.

Well finally I saw one on Yahoo that fitted the bill. I had to take a bit of a risk as it had a very short, not very informative description and the photos were poor and there could have been a lot of wear that was not showing. It was described as ‘super beauty’ goods though with just a small amount of wear and marks and it was a good sign that he had kept the box and all the links.

I suspected that I would pick it up for its opening price due to these factors and that is what happened.

Here is what arrived.

Beautiful box.

The condition is excellent, not totally pristine, but with only very minor marks on the case and bezel , the bracelet and clasp are pristine. So really happy with that and can also wear it happily without the OCD of not wanting to put the first mark on it.

This MRG-7100BJ was the first of the modern generation of MRGs. It was the first to use the hardened Titanium process, making it 4-5 times harder than ordinary Titanium and then of course the whole watch and bracelet was plated in DLC. It was the flagship of the brand at the time and was the most expensive watch that Casio had made up to that time.

This set the pattern for the follow up MRGs. Indeed the watch has the exact same case as the MRG-7500BJ both have AR coated sapphire crystals.

The fit and finish on these MRGs is fantastic. You can really see that Casio took a lot of pride in the watch. The case flows nicely in places but where there is an edge they are cut razor sharp. The polishing is superb as well.

DLC works so well on watches. It is very hard and resistant to wear of course but it is its very low coefficient of friction that makes it such a pleasure to wear. The thing feels silky smooth, its coefficient of friction is about the same as Teflon, being about one tenth that of SS, which is fairly low itself. The bracelet feels and looks great, very comfortable and with a unique lock on the clasp.

Apart from the module and dial the watch differs from the 7500 only with its polishing. The buttons and bracelet have more highly polished elements than the 7500.

The dial is lovely it has some fine texture details and the silver dial surrounds with the gold detailing look fantastic. The dark highly polished applied batons add a nice touch. The chapter ring is also lovely with its subtle gold numbers and markings.

Nice sculptured back, Japan made of course.

The deeply set LCD, of course, allows for much more functionality than the 7500.

As well as being atomic (Japan and USA only unfortunately) and solar, it has dual time.

Also it has a 60 minute stopwatch. This stopwatch can operate two ways, as a usual stopwatch with splits, first and second finishes etc but also as a Lap Timer where each push of the button stores that lap time into memory. The watch has a Recall mode where these lap times can be viewed. It stores up to 50 lap times in its memory.

The watch has five alarms, one of which is a ‘snooze’ alarm and hourly signal. Also, though the watch, seemingly, has no countdown timer, it does in effect. One of the alarms is a ‘Target’ alarm so, when you set it, the watch starts counting down to that time. So, say you want to countdown 15 hours and the time is currently 07.15, you just set the target time for 22.15 and the watch starts to countdown to this time. Neat, this gives the watch a possible 24 hour countdown timer.

You can set the LCD to display different details in Time keeping mode and can also check the date and time of the last ‘receive’.

The watch has a ‘Hand Set’ mode though the watch automatically moves to the correct time if you change the digital time manually.

Another advantage over the later MRGs is the fact that as well as the ordinary lume it has full auto illumination. It has these rather splendid amber twin LEDs.

A few wrist shots.

So what do you think, of course G Shocks are not to everyone’s tastes but then few are as elegant as this one?

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