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Original posted on WatchUSeek 12/04/2004, 13:51:50 by Bhree

- First generation tough solar powered G-Shock, back-up battery ML2020 that lasts for 2 years after fully charged without any light exposure.
- Telememo : Name up to 8 characters, Number up to 12 characters, storage capacity 30 records.
- Operating temperature : -20C - 60C
- Alarm : 5 individual alarm that can be set for daily, monthly, and hourly alarm.
- Stopwatch : 1/100sec for maximum measurement 23h 59m 59.99s (24hours)
- Timer : set for 1sec to 24hour, 1/10sec measuring unit.
- Size : 55.3x52.0x18.5mm, weight 83g
- 12/24h time display.

Design and Appearence:
Raysman is another water, shock and mud-resist digital watch from Casio. Like it's former brother MUDMAN DW-8400 (1995) and younger cousin GAUSSMAN AW-57X (1998), Raysman is also protected by single piece of urethane bezel. The design of bezel construction will keep away mud and dust from reaching into the case. Powered by 1803 module (some special/limited models are powered by 1583 and 1584 modules), Raysman has no time dials, you know the eternally rotating LCD indicating elapsing time. The day is clearly displayed by three letters, four segmented battery meter, years, month, date, hour, minute and second. Solar panel gives violet hue to the watch face. One of Raysman drawback is that current time is not displayed while in other mode. Suppose you are in timer mode, you have to switch to timekeeping mode in order to tell present time. The light button in stopwatch and timer mode is a little confusing. Instead of starting or stopping timer, D button (lower right button) now acts as light button. All buttons are recessed protected from any flat surface impact. Raysman is designed for full heavy duty performance. It is not sweet nor sleek, it is an urethane mound on your wrist.

Being ancestor of all tough solar G-Shock this watch need no battery reaplacement for long enough time. Even in darkness the secondary power battery will keep the watch performing timekeeping for 2 years, 6 months with normal operation. Casio has chosen "bat" as symbol for this ability to stay awake in darkness.

Tough solar technology was likely successful to achieve triple 10 challenges, for the rechargeable battery will last for about 10 years. New function, manual-activated sleep will conserve battery while this watch is not used or while the owner is also sleeping.
There are three kinds of modules for Raysman :
- 1803 module : standard module with two displays
- 1584 module : module for special Raysman with two displays and one battery indicator dial
- 1583 module : module for special Raysman, similar to the standard one but usually has character on it's EL backlite.

Raysman is a big watch, some may say that this watch fails to gain popularity because of the size. It is always felt on your wrist, seen and almost impossible to be concealed under shirt sleeve. Concealing under sleeve is not recommeded since this will block the light from recharging the battery. Pressing the buttons may gives sense like pushing Mudman and Gaussman, it is hard especially when you have to push for 2 seconds or pushing 2 buttons together, it will mark your finger. The design let the strap wraps your wrist comfortably.

There are some Raysman with different flavours.
1. Generic Raysman : dominated by Black colour with grey accent, powered by 1803 module
2. Rays-Man in Smoke : wrapped by semi greenish transparent bezel, including the strap, powered by 1583 module
3. Rays-Man in Yellow : dominated by Yellow with Black accent, powered by 1584 module
4. Rays-Man in White : dominated by White with Black accent, powered by 1584 module
5. Rays-Man in BlackII : dominated by Black, it seems powered by 1583 module
6. Guardian Angels Raysman : dominated by Red with Black accent, powered by 1584 module. Arround watch face written We Dare to Care....Guardian Angels....Safety Patrol
7. Raysman Middle Sea Race Model : dominated by Light Grey with Dark Blue accent, powered by 1584 module.
8. Unnamed Raysman that may be called Rays-Man in Grey : dominated by Grey with Black accent, powered by 1584 module.
9. A model claimed as Gold Raysman that is similar to standard one but has yellow colour writings.

Highly recommeded for those who likes big watch and consider additional protection from mud and dust.

This review is not authorized neither has any relationship with CASIO. This review was written for sharing knowledge purpose, any information is welcome. The writer is not responsible for any loss by reading this review.

Thanks to Sjors from for letting me stole the pictures from his website.
Reto Castellazzi from who has nice shot of several nice watches.
Thanks to You as a Reader.



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