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Hi all

Received my Seiko Spirit SCVS003 yesterday (30/12/06) and thought I'd post some impressions.

My attraction to this watch was twofold:

1. I was looking for a modern, elegent Seiko equivalent to my Seiko Sportsmaster from 1969.

2. I really love the style of the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra but unfortunately I can't justify that kind of outlay.

Having asked on a few forums the Spirit SCVS003 was drawn to my attention, and it seemed to get very favourable reviews from owners.

It is known as the poor mans Grand Seiko and if you see the two side by side you can really see why. Image courtesy of chiukh2007, many thanks.

The dimensions

Width exc crown 38mm
With crown 40mm
Dial width 30mm
Lug to lug 45mm
Depth 12mm
Lug width 20mm
Crown width 7mm

Please note all dimensions are taken by me with a tape measure so they won't be entirely accurate.


OK I've only had it for 28 hours, it's been on my wrist thoughout, but so far it's been very impressive having gained a total of 4 seconds in that period. Well within chronometer standards.

The movement

Seiko's new 6R15B 23 jewel movement, a huge improvement over the ubiquitous 7S26, for the following reasons:

1. It's hand windable
2. It hacks
3. From what I've read and from my example it seems a lot more accurate

Apparently, it's still a pain in the proverbial to regulate just like the 7S26, however with its increased accuracy I don't think this will be an issue for most people.


Sapphire crystal on dial
Display back with hardex glass
Water resistant to 100m


Finished to Seiko's usual very high standards, it's highly polished with a satin finish on the lug details. The display back has a narrow bezel with the details stamped into the stainless steel. The 7mm width of the crown makes it a joy to operate the manual winding has a light resistance and makes a satisfying mechanical noise.

The bracelet

Agian up to Seiko's very high standards. It's solid stainless steel with a depth of 3mm. The design is very akin to the Tag Heuer Autavia bracelet except the Seiko has 5 central bars as opposed to the Autavia's 7. It's very comfortable on the wrist and isn't a hair puller (and believe me I should know). It employs the same, slighly fiddly, pin and sleeve system as the monsters. The only slight negative is the lack of fine tuning holes on the clasp making adjustment a bit hit or miss.

A note to all you thick wristers out there, the bracelet is designed for slim Japanese wrists (as this is a Japanese market only watch) and it wouldn't be long enough for anyone with a wrist over 7 1/2 inches. On the monster I take out 4 links to fit my 6 3/4 inch wrist, on the Spirit I only had to take out 2 links.

Having said that it looks very good on a black leather strap, better IMHO, so I don't really think it's an issue. Image again courtesy of chiukh2007, many thanks.


There are only 2 things I can critisise about this watch
1. AR coating - I'm not sure whether it has any or not, but the dial being very black does reflect quite a lot. The Sapphire crystal also seems to be a magnate for dust and fingerprints. Especially noticable when trying to take pictures
2. The lack of fine tuning holes on the bracelet and that's all really.

The positives

See all of the above, but especially the movement accuracy and the sapphire crystal. Not forgetting the biggest positive of all, the price. How much do you think it costs? Remember chronometer accuracy, sapphire crystal, Seiko's excellent finishing, robustness and reliability. Or put it another way, how much would an equivalent Swiss watch cost?

Well here's the deal, or should I say steal, this watch imported from Japan and including postage, customs charge (£9) and Parcel Force's rip off 'handling fee'
(£16.50) it cost me the £160. In my book that's a bargain.

So there you have it, my initial impressions are very favourable to say the least and if anyone needs an elegant, understated watch, look no further. The only reason that I can see for not buying this watch over a Swiss counterpart is snobbery. Here's some pics to hopefully illustrate my point.

And a shot for Stefan as he love to see my hairy wrists

If anyone wants to know any more just get in touch.

And lastly a public thank you to all the people who recommeded this watch and wrote at length to help me. You know who you are, many thanks, you were not wrong.



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Hi Mike - Do you have any information on the black leather strap (3rd picture from top) above. Just received this as a present and would love to change the strap out for a different look. Thanks - David

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Hi Mike - Do you have any information on the black leather strap (3rd picture from top) above. Just received this as a present and would love to change the strap out for a different look. Thanks - David
2nd that ;-)
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