Watchuseek visited TACS at the Hong Kong Watch Fair and they shared an eclectic and exciting Kickstarter project for vintage camera lovers. We received the automatic vintage lens watch for review prior to the beginning of the project, which is today, September 27, 2016.

TACS is an acronym for Taste, Attractiveness, Creativity and Style. Designed by Yoshiaki Motegi and inspired by Japanese Zen philosophy. The watches are more form of an art rather than strictly an instrument for telling time.

TACS Vintage Lens watch is yuniku.

Japanese word “Yuniku” means unique and clearly Vintage Lens watch is nothing but unique!

I grew up in the 80’s around popular Japanese cameras – Nikon, Canon, Pentax and Olympus. Wearing the Japanese designed Vintage Lens watch with a fish eye lens and rotating outer ring of bezel reminded me of classic Nikon F mount wide angle lens. The rotating lens simulates the aperture ring of a lens influencing the depth of field. Glancing at this watch from an angle is a treat because the sapphire crystal shows the Miyota movement in a sharp fisheye effect. It’s rugged leather strap has masculine feel to it. For an average size arm, it can be overwhelming with its 47 mm size and weight. But then again no man wants to be an average size!

Yoshiaki Motegi or Yoshi, created TACS with a simple vision – implication of surrounding elements to become a minimalized timepiece. TACS caught my attention when it first launched at Baselworld in 2010. They were…well unique.

Vintage Lens will ignite a strong desire in photographers to own it, but its catchy look will be popular with others as well. The icing on the cake is its ultra-cool packaging. This timepiece comes in a wooden box with three compartments holding the watch, its protective cover and SD card holder for the modern DSLR photographer.

You can visit the TACS Automatic Vintage Lens Kickstarter project here .

Review and Photography credit: Jay Chopra