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Company background information:

About two months ago I decided that it was time to add a new watch to my collection (Tissot and an Aviator). The in Holland founded company "TW Steel" has become very popular in Holland the past few years. The company has only founded a few years ago, but this year it's already become the best selling branch in the Netherlands. The company is specialized in what they call "big in oversized watches". All models are using high quality steel cases.

A couple of years ago the watches where only sold by a few retailers in Holland, but now days you can find them in many jewelers in Holland. Prices starting around 100 euro up to 600 euro.

Looking for a new watch:

The watch in my mind was one of the TW Steel Grandeur series. I was looking for a watch which was hard to overlook. I finally decided to buy a TW52. The orange Grandeur model is available in two sizes. Small (TW52, 45 mm case) and large (TW53, 48 mm case).

The small of one? Of the big one?

The model I was looking for was not available in the shop at the first time. They
had the TW53 with a 48 mm case available, but my wrist is quite small. So the
result was dramatic. The watch was looking bigger than my wrist, not a good sign, but after trying another TW Steel model with a 45 mm case the size seems to be quite good for my wrist. So I decided to go ahead with the deal and I did order a TW 52 (which cost me about 330 euro’s). The larger model (TW53) has an extra cost of 20 euro.

Model specifications:

TW Steel Grandeur Regular - TW52

- 45 mm case
- High quality steel watchcase
- special croon
- Very accurate chrono
- Chronograph / Tachymeter
- 100 meter water-resistant
- mineralglas
- Date
- Orange Croco leather strep

The package itself:

The watch comes with a gray steel look box. I personally love it. Of course the box isn't made of heavy steel but it gives you the feeling that there is something heavy inside. The manual is short and not that interesting.

The watch itself:

Of course I already checked the watch at the local store but at your own home it's
always something else. The first impression is good. It’s heavy (duh steel), and it shines like no other watch (it looks like a mirror). The color pattern is perfect selected. The watch looks strong and durable. I had nothing to complain at the first sight.

The chrono is also working without any problems. Nothing specials to report about this.

(the watch shines like no other, look at the camera reflection)

Wearing an orange watch?

I wasn’t to sure about wearing the watch with my clothes. But I found out that if you don’t wear a red or a yellow shirt/sweater there is no problem at all. I think it’s really great it combination with black or white.

What I like about the watch (after 2 months):

-The color of the strep matches perfect with the watch dials
-Everyone notice that you have a new watch
-Not a model you find on everyone's wrist
-Big, but not to

What I don't like about the watch (after 2 months):

-The strep is losing some color
-Scratches on the case already


The overall build quality disappointed me a little bid. The strep is losing some
color but I didn't damage it. Probably caused by the high temperatures and sunlight (it happened on a cruise to the Bahamas). I contacted the shop and they told me that they can't give any guarantee about the strep, but in this cause we agreed it will be replaced for free.

After all I can see that I really love this watch. People around me hate the watch or love it (no in between). Maybe I will buy another TW Steel in the future, but my next watch will be an Vostok or Aviator for sure.

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2 years later and the watch is still in my collection... Yesterday I changed the default leatherstrap for a Nato-strap. I'm very happy with the result.

Watch accessory Fashion accessory Watch Jewellery Copper

Watch Watch accessory Analog watch Wrist Fashion accessory

Analog watch Watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Strap
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