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Revolution Heroique ? individual?s effort (AWW 33)

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Revolution Heroique - individual's effort (AWW 33)


Name: Révolution Héroïque
Movement: Ronda 505.24H quartz, Swiss Parts, 1 jewel, battery type 371
Time display: 24h (with 24 on top) display of hours, minutes and seconds
Face: ivory satin dial with black odd hour numbers, even hour markers, five minute numbers and markers
Case: all stainless steel titanium nitride treated case with snap back
Size: diameter 39 mm, 42 mm with crown, 42 mm lug to lug, height 10 mm
Text on dial: [Révolution logo] BesançoN FRANCE
Text on back:
[Révolution logo] Héroïque No 013 [fish logo] 3 atm modèle déposé · Conception Vincent Jochault & Philippe Lebru · Fabrication Besançon France
Hands and markers: nickel hands, hour and minute hands black enamel filled
Water-resistance: 30m (3 atm) water resistant
Crystal: domed mineral crystal
Lugs: 22 mm
Bracelet: black leather strap with buckle


I was always looking for Utinam 24h watches. There are two models available, Alias and Orbis (Utinam - Weals - Our Shop). Orbis is the one I like more. But my policy is to try to avoid buying watches from official shops. First, it is the most boring way to get a watch and second, it is the most expensive way to get a watch. I like all kind of markets, from local flea market over forums sales to global ebay. Unfortunately I haven't never seen a single Utinam 24h watch for sale on any of them.

Then I decided to break my own rule and I contacted This is a limited edition watch Revolution based on Utinam Orbis. And it looks much better than the original Orbis. The man who's initiative was this series and who is still selling them is Vincent Jochault, historian and watch enthusiast. I had very good conversation with this truly nice man and with a help of one of my friends in France I got a nice package with Revolution inside.

I have to add that I personally got this watch for such a good price, that it was much lower than I was expecting from any market …


The packaging is nice, look at picture. The watch came with "box and papers" promising 2 year warranty and a personal letter by Vincent Jochault.
This watch looks elegant and fine. I like the ivory dial and surrounding black titanium nitride covered stainless steel case. And the size is for my small wrist also optimal. Everything what Vincent changed in original Utinam Orbis was a right decision. First draft of this watch was had original metallic satin case (see Utinam - Weals - Our Shop). The black case is much better.

Beside many cosmetic changes one change was functional and very welcome. Original Orbis had 4 hands. Because the watch is based on Ronda 505.24H movement, the standard set of hands is hours, minutes, seconds and 24h GMT. Yes, this movement is actually a 12h movement with additional GMT 24h hand. And Orbis was designed to look as a 24h watch with an additional 12h hour hand. To be honest it all looks pretty confusing on the picture. Vincent's decision to remove the 12h hour hand at all makes watches' face clear and legible. Black enamel nickel framed hands are also much better than the original ones.

On Ronda 505.24H I would like to add only, that the movement's model number you can find here not stamped on metallic part but on plastic frame. See the picture and red arrow on (Harley Ronda 24 Hour HQ505.24H Quartz Watch Movements).

Nice watch! I think it is the best 24h model made by Utinam. It's a primer of a good collaboration between Vincent Jochault and watchmaker Philippe Lebru (Lebru is behind every watch produced by Utinam).

Vincent Jochault's brand is called Révolution and this watch, named Héroïque, was produced as limited edition of 100 numbered watches. (BTW. All watches produced by Utinam are always numbered.). All but the movement is made in France.

The only complaint I have is that when shaking the watch there is some rattle you can hear. The movement and surrounding plastic frame are sitting not 100% steady.


My watch is number 13. I'm absolutely satisfied. I'm not superstitious. Vive la France.

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Re: Revolution Heroique - individual's effort (AWW 33)

I would like it if 24 was on the dial, top or bottom.
Re: Revolution Heroique - individual's effort (AWW 33)

I would like it if 24 was on the dial, top or bottom.
Actually, I like that, unlike the majority of 24H dials, there is no 24, since there is no 24th hour.
I'd rather more 24H dials had a 0 hour instead, which would be correct.
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