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2011 was punctuated with great victories for RJ-Romain Jerome. Having set out to conquer the world eight years ago, the watchmaking Maison looks back at its successes in 2011 and reaffirms its ambitions for 2012, at the dawn of the Baselworld opening.

In its crazy race to the stars, RJ can count on its two hobbyhorses: creativity and an avant-garde spirit. Visibly, neither of these let the company down in 2011, because the collections were enriched with a number of newcomers.


With SPACE INVADERS[SUP]®1[/SUP], RJ has broken down the barriers between the free-spirited universe of video games and the cosseted world of Fine Watchmaking. Having arrived on our planet in 1978, the pixelated invaders have for the very first time colonized luxury timepieces thanks to RJ and the cooperation of the TAITO Corporation (TAITO). RJ partnered this invasion by creating two 78-pieces limited series – one in colour and one in black and white – glorifying these SPACE INVADERS. Through these true generational icons, the watchmaking brand pays tribute to late-20th century pop culture and thus infuses a breath of fresh air into a watchmaking style that was traditionally somewhat more… classic.

The Steampunk also rounds off the Titanic-DNA range this year. Stemming from an explosive creative challenge, this collection combines attributes with a devastating personality, including polished claws, pistons and Roman numerals. Housed in a 50 mm case and topped by an oxidized, then stabilized steel bezel, the Steampunk has no dial at all. This makes it possible to appreciate in full the rigorous, sturdy lines of a mechanism that commands respect.
In 2011, RJ also reached for the sky as a page to write on with the MoonFighter. This writing instrument, which reinterprets space mythology and a taste for amusement, gives everyone the chance to shape their own legend. Available in different versions – heavy metal, black metal or vintage – the Moonfighter has had a successful take-off.

RJ has confirmed its desire to broaden its territory by opening several points of sale and by developing new markets.

RJ_Boutique_Byblos_St_Tropez_150.jpg The brand initially chose to invade the French Riviera by setting a southerly course during summer 2011. RJ has thus found a home in the legendary Byblos Hotel in St. Tropez, creating its first own-name boutique at one of the resort’s most famous addresses. This is a major event, as much for RJ and its partner Kronometry 1999 as for lovers of exceptional timepieces. And it just the beginning of a long series …
RJ opened two unique points of sale in Nassau in the Bahamas, and on the island of St. Thomas, in the United States Virgin Islands. Finally, the year 2011 saw the brand enter new markets such as Japan, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. RJ now operates 150 points of sale in almost 50 countries.

Success doesn’t just happen. RJ’s originality and daring have been rewarded several times during 2011.

In Switzerland, the watchmaking Maison was rewarded for the second consecutive year for its creative communications. In November, the advertising campaign, Titanic-DNA, received the jury’s “2011 Watchmaking Campaign” special prize, during the Watch of the Year evening held in Geneva.

The brand’s communication concept was also feted in India, where the Moon Dust-DNA advertising campaign won the prize for the best advertising campaign on the occasion of the “AU Finja Watch World Awards 2011”.

In Malaysia, RJ was rewarded at an international watchmaking competition. The Steampunk watch won the “Starhill Gallery Favourite Men’s Watch Award” on December 10. The prize was awarded at the end of a gala evening which ended the fifth edition of “A Journey Through Time” trade fair organized by Starhill Gallery and the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism.

RJ_2011_Watchmaking_Campaign_Award_2011_230.JPG RJ_AU_Finja_Watch_World_Award_2011_230.jpg RJ_Starhill_Favourite_Men_s_Watch_Award_2011_230.JPG

RJ IN 2012
In 1912, the Titanic set sail for the first time. 1969 was marked by man’s first steps on the moon. The Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajökull, in turn joined the ranks of contemporary legends in 2010. In 2011, RJ-Romain Jerome sold more than 3,000 watches and accessories, making it a record year.

Who will be next to make history? Which legend will make its mark on 2012? The answer awaits you at Baselworld from March 8[SUP]th[/SUP]through 15[SUP]th[/SUP] 2012. RJ will be there. Booth C05 – Hall 1.1.

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