RJ-Romain Jerome has dropped the ‘Romain Jerome’ part of its name, which was never the name of a real watchmaker, to become known simply as ‘RJ’. It’s all part of a fresh rebranding with everything from a new visual identity to a raw punchline offering Smart Luxury and Raw Elegance.

While keeping the best of its DNA, watchmaking RJ aims to take on a fresher and bolder personality. #JustRaw becomes the brand’s new punchline, because, says the brand, using technical and mechanical ingenuity has never been so raw.

 “It is vital that RJ retains its established values and initial inspiration, but at the same time develops a new and fresh identity aiding in the brand’s international development. The rebranding ensures that we get the right messages out there on every level. In fact, one of our biggest achievements this year is the launch of our first core collection ARRAW, which now constitutes our backbone and the basis for future developments.”

RJ CEO Marco Tedeschi


The brands’ new ARRAW collection displays all of the original and new RJ values, integrity and raw sophistication. New too is the RJ DIGITAL STUDIO, an unusual way of experiencing a watch boutique, be it physical or virtual. Also there’s the all-new website, rjwatches.com, which forms a portal into RJ’s original world. The brand is also launching RJ FORGE, its manufacture bringing together all step of its creations.

It is now time for all curious explorers of life and its pleasures to become a part of the #JustRaw movement.

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