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Hi everyone

I recently purchased a used Roamer, and I'm wondering if there's
any chance of identifying the model...
Essentially my problem is to figure out how to set the correct date.
Will I have to reset it at the end of february or months that only
have 30 days instead of 31? How about leap years?
Generally I would like to know as much as possible about the
watch since I like it a lot.

The month it was set when I bought it had 31 days, but because
there seems to be only one way of getting through the whole month,
which is to turn the hour hand 72 times around the face, it would
be quite time consuming to find out weather there are leap years etc.


The Inscription on the Back says: "Stainless Steel 3ATM Water Resistant" "721 5000" (Small Print) "1225"

I found the following Information using the forum search:


As always the case signatures are mentioned, you'll find that Roamer used
reference numbers without any meaning up to the fifties. Later the
reference number had 6 digits, containing the calibre number at the end.
And from the mid 60s the reference consisted of the calibre number,
followed by the case reference.

I suspect, your watch was made about 1960, and thus should have a
number of the format XXX400 inside the back.

However, small series models sometimes got even no reference number (...)

To be more precise, model lines as e.g. Omega Seamaster or Constellation,
to represent special kinds of watches, existed already before 1960. And
also Roamer had already model names: e.g. Rotopower for automatics,
Rotodate for automatics with date. But there wasn't yet a name for any
manual wind watch.

Regards, Roland Ranfft
Does this mean that there is no way of determining model or age of
my watch? I also didn't get any useful information using google...

I realize that this is probably not the kind of watch one would describe
as "vintage", it was probably not very expensive and it has a Quartz
movement - so please correct me if I'm posting in the wrong section ;-).

Thank you for your help!

Best Regards, Demjan Haller

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We really need to see inside to provide much detail.... the movements can be dated better than the watch. And how to change the date depends on the movement. But it is probably a three position crown: 0 = normal running; 1 = date set; 2 = time set. Experiment to find how :)

But, being quartz it is almost certainly post 1980... judging from the look, I would guess 1990 to 2000.

Zenith Forum Co-moderator
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If the watch has no month indication, it will almost certainly not be an annual calendar watch. This would correct for the different 30/31 day months and only have to be corrected once a year (in February). Either the whole thing works automatically, which would presuppose a satellite linked atomic clock controlled watch (which this isn't) or it should have an indication of the month to set the date properly. Since it doesn't have this, I would bet my bottom dollar that you'll be twiddling the crown five times a year.....

Hartmut Richter

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Hi Demjan,

your watch represents, what almost all small brands made if they had survived the quartz crisis: Putting movement and case from the shelf together and print the brand on the dial. I.e. numbers are useless, and you'll likely find the same on watches from other brands.

Already the first ever made quartz movement had a quickset date. So you can either set the date with the crown in pushed in position, or pulled out to a first step. And as Hartmut pointed out, it has for sure no perpetual calendar feature, forcing you to correct the date after every month with less than 31 days.

If the quickset doesn't do, it is either defective, or you have the ultimate rarity without quickset feature. But sorry, nobody never saw it, and therefore I don't know whether it exists.

Regards, Roland Ranfft

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Thank you for your quick replies, you were right about everything :).

The date always goes to 31, and there is a quickset date - it just doesn't snap
into place like it does when I'm adjusting the time, but with a bit of
experimenting I found the right spot :p.

I'm not gonna take out the movement though - I guess a guy like me (who can't
even set the date :p) should probably give the inside of a watch a wide berth...

You were very helpful!

Best, Demjan
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