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What would you buy?

  • Rolex 126619LB

  • ALS Timezone 116.025

  • Patek Travel Time 5524G

  • Moser Pioneer Tourbillon Mega Cool

Rolex 126619LB vs. ALS Timezone 116.025 vs. Patek Travel Time 5524G vs. Moser Pioneer Tourbillon Mega Cool

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Okay, another silly poll. These are watches that I am targeting as a stretch goal (i.e., need to sell off a good chunk of my collection in order to get there). So this is pretty close to a one and done watch (will be tapped out for a long time to come after this one).

So it has to be special, but also versatile. It doesn't have to be a "sports" model though, although the Rolex is obviously there.

These models are all pretty close in price on the secondary market (within a few thousand dollars). All are in the high $30k to low $40k. I chose models based on secondary market prices to avoid sourcing issues at retail, so any markups are a part of the price considerations. However, these models are generally selling at, or below, their retail prices.

What would you choose?

Here are some pics for those not familiar with these models.

Rolex 126619LB

Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Font

ALS Timezone 116.025

Watch Analog watch Rectangle Clock Watch accessory

Patek Pilot Travel Time 5524G

Watch Analog watch Photograph White Light

H. Moser Pioneer Tourbillon Mega Cool

Watch Analog watch White Clock Watch accessory
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I have an extremely difficult time understanding why Rolex is leading the poll. If anything it should be the worst performer, perhaps tie with Moser at best.

When you look at these 4 watches, there are 3 watches with their prices driven by their branding, complications, finishing and everything else, then there's 1 watch with price driven by branding only. You know which one it is.

In that particular group of candidates, the "amount of watch" the Rolex provides is staggeringly little.
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Lol you can't include a Rolex in that group. It's like putting a Casio fw91 beside a GrandSeiko lol.

Moser would get my vote followed by the ALS.
I agree.

The problem is, he did, and it's freaking winning....
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1 - 2 of 57 Posts