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Great list. Just to add a little info on the Bond front - The 6538/5510 Submariner worn by Connery was loaned to him by the director a few minutes before they shot the scene where he checks the watch. Apparently, wardrobe forgot to outift Connery with a watch. That's a little different than how it works these days.

I think Fleming did mention Bond wore a Rolex, but never specified which model. I haven't read the books in a bit so I'm not positive. I do remember Bond carried a black enamel Ronson lighter.

In Our Her Majesty's Secret Service, Lazenby wears a silver dial 6238 with tach included on the dial. This is the only Rolex Chronograph to show up in the Bond movies. The watch was bought at auction by a British dealer and subsequently put up for sale again. This was only a few years ago and I think a hefty profit was made.

Roger Moore's Submariner from Live And Let Die also went on the auction block about eight or nine years ago. The watch was non-functional. The movement was taken out so a motor could be inserted to drive the bezel which acts as a cutting device. The red indices activated when the watch was magnetized were accomplished by cutting out the white indices and inserting a red disc underneath making a sandwich dial.

When Bond came back after Dalton, the series was on shaky ground. The producers wanted to raise as much money as possible with product placements. Omega stepped up big time. They paid a tremendous amount of money to become the official watch. At one time, Omega made the 300 with Tritium and fixed lugs for the Royal Navy, but I'm not sure what watch Bond would be wearing if he was currently in the Royal Navy. The 6538 wasn't a British military issue either. All British Military watches can be spotted by looking for the circled T representing the use of Tritium on the indices for better visibility.

Hope this was interesting for you all.


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