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Rolex UK Lost Stolen service ended?

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I have heard that the service where you called Rolex UK and gave them serial number etc to see if a watch was lost or stolen has ended? Anyone know any further details on this, and is this a good or bad thing? If you are unlucky enough to buy a stolen watch and send it for service, at least you will still get it back. Or is there a historic list that will remain intact, but no new additions? I had heard that the list would only comprise of stolen watches but seems a bit of a nonsense to not include lost if you are providing any kind of service.
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I hav'nt heard anything, but I will be asking around to see if any AD's have heard about it.

I would have thought Rolex would want to maintain this service, both from a point of looking after their customers, and with Rolex being one of the most recognisable watches worldwide, and therefor I am sure one of the most likely to be stolen and re-sold, it protects their reputation.

I would find it quite sad if this service was to end, I dont know if any other high-end manufacturer offers this type of service, they probably do, but its certainly reassuring to know that Rolex care enough about their customers and their reputation to keep these records.

I will keep you updated if I find out anything.

Many thanks. Seems to have been a cost thing, they may introduce as a pay service.
Hi, just to update your question.
I was chatting to a well informed Rolex AD yesterday, and asked him about this, he says they did temporerily close the service whilst the Service Centre was being re-located from Bexley, but as far as he is aware the service is now back up and running.
However, he has heard talk of the service becoming for the trade only, because of the increasing numbers of people (some idiots) calling with enquries regarding watches on ebay, (should I buy this? whats it worth? type questions) and incomplete/miss-read numbers, etc. So it may become for Rolex AD's and reputable secondhand dealers only.
Always some people to spoil a free service by abusing it!
I don't think that would be a bad thing only AD's being able to access this service, this all comes down to sensible buying and insiting on a watch having a service history or papers prior to sale. You wouldn't buy a car without knowing its history or having some documents why £1000's on a watch. Most of the ebay stuff i ASSUME is hooky by default its not called Thief-Bay for nothing, people need to wake up and go back to the Rolex dealer network that Rolex have spent many years setting up instead of constantly trying to chance there look on crooked auction sites.

Where I live over in Manchester there are quite a few proper jewlelers now doing good business in used Rolex and many say themsleves they are buying some watches off ebay and then servicing them and authenticating them and taking all the risk, seems reasonable.
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