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After a three year legal battle against Romain Jerome (RJ), the company’s former CEO and current owner of ArtyA, Yvan Arpa has won all trials and now has made a watch to celebrate this triumph.
RJ and its management launched several lawsuits against Yvan Arpa, aiming to harm his reputation. Arpa won them all. He also still remains a shareholder of RJ.

Arpa’s creations for RJ, the Titanic-DNA and the Moondust-DNA, became worldwide successes and he is commemorating them, and his victory in this ugly war, in the new Rust & Dust unique timepiece.

This ArtyA piece unique does not contain rust from the Titanic, nor does it contain dust from the moon...

Instead, the “Rust” comes from the staples removed from all the legal papers from the past three years (it took Arpa’s team two weeks to take all the staples out and process them into the rusted bezel) and the “Dust” on the dial is from the ashes of all the legal papers, which were ceremoniously burnt.

To discover this unique piece from the infamous ArtyA Forbidden Collection, you need NOT to be:
  • A conformist
  • afraid to shock
  • two-faced
  • a hypocrite

Mister Yvan Arpa would like to thank all his faithful friends and clients who supported him over the past years.


Artya Press Release - Rust and Dust-1.jpg
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