To initiate a sales post in the Sales Corner as a private seller you must first be registered no less than 90 days and have a minimum of 100 posts in our discussion forums.

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Sales Corner Rules & Guidelines

Only private sellers and Sponsors are allowed to post in the Sales Corner for private sellers and Sponsors.

Based on our evaluation, some who post primarily or exclusively on our Sales Corners may at our discretion be directed to limit their sales posts to the Sales Corner for Dealers and manufacturers, even though they may not be professional Dealers.

Dealers who are not Sponsors must post in our Sales Corner for Dealers and manufacturers.

Each sales post must have a good description of the watch (very important because we don't allow discussions in this forum!). Here's an example:

Condition: mint
Movement: Swiss ETA 2836-2 automatic
Crystal: sapphire crystal, with anti-reflection treatment
Case: titanium and steel case
Dimensions: 39.5 mm diameter, 12.5 height
Caseback: screw-in, steel
Crown: screw-down
Dial: black dial
Strap/bracelet: rubber strap with deployant
WR: 100 meters

Private sellers are allowed to post up to 10 different items per 24 hours.
Sponsors are allowed to post up to 5 different items per 24 hours, unless they have a special permit from the site owner.
  • Each sales post must have an asking price
  • You must leave all ad content including the asking price after you sold your items for future references.
  • The item for sale must be in possession of the seller.
  • You must indicate to where you will sell (Geographical restrictions like: CONUS (Continent of the US), Worldwide, Europe, Asia).
  • DO NOT list any fake or counterfeit replica watches. Homage or sterile watches without false branding or a registered trademark (such as "Marina Militare" or a Rolex coronet) are allowed. Ignoring this rule WILL lead to account closure.
  • DO NOT request payment via "Friends & Family" to avoid legitimate fees (i.e. PayPal). Ignoring this rule WILL lead to post deletion and possible account suspension or closure.
  • Bumps (Bring Up My Post) and relists are limited to once per 12 hours.
  • No links to auctions here. Please visit our eBay Auctions instead.
  • No wanted to buy (WTB) here. Please visit our Wanted To Buy Forum instead.
  • No wanted to trade (WTT) here. Please visit our Wanted To Trade Forum instead.
  • DO NOT reply directly to posts, all replies regardless of content will be removed and an infraction will be assessed. If you wish to make an offer you must contact the seller through Private Message or email.
  • Speed posting with the aim of reaching 100 posts with little additional contribution to the forum will result in access to the Sales Corner being removed. Superflous posts will be regarded as spam and deleted. What constitutes speed posting is at the discretion of the Watchuseek Admins and Moderating team.
  • You should contact the seller by PM or email only.
  • Add (link or upload) an actual image of the watch.
  • Consider posting your sale/trade experience with Watchuseek members in our Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation section. References are valuable for all involved and help make Watchuseek a better site.
  • PayPal rules currently prohibit sellers from passing on fees to buyers. Watchuseek does not enforce these rules but notes reports may be made directly to PayPal. More: PayPal User Agreement .
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  • Moderators reserve the right to delete any questionable posts.
  • Moderators reserve the right to move any seller to post in the Dealers and Manufacturers forum if they suspect the seller is a Dealer.
  • Moderators reserve the right to suspend or ban your account if you fail to follow the rules.
  • Watchuseek is not responsible for any misrepresentations or problems in completing a deal represented here. Violation of these rules may result in deletion of your post(s) or disciplinary measures. Please also read our general Forum Rules & Guidelines.
  • Your contributions to the regular forums are appreciated in return for the free use of our sales corners.
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