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  1. Hey guys,
    I've been facing a problem with my j7 camera since i bought it i guess. I can't replace the phone though as i bought it from KSA and i'm currently in Egypt
    whenever i use the camera the phone restarts, sometimes it says kernel panic upload and sometimes it stuck to the camera and i had to pull off the battery some other times it work when i take off the battery for awhile and i faced a strange problem due to the camera failure: when the phone restarts and i try to draw the pattern it tells me that the pattern is wrong and then i have to take off the battery and put it back sometimes the camera gives me camera failure message and whenever i open it apps start to force close automatically such as android core process , google apps, calendar , camera , contacts . i guess all the apps force close , and a few times the camera app just close without phone restarting or anything else
    i tried all possible solutions and nothing seemed to be working
    1-cleared camera app cache and data
    2-took off the battery and put it back
    3-wiped cache and dalvik cache
    4-tried other camera apps
    5-tried the camera debugging codes from the dialer
    6-updated phone to marshmallow
    7-stopped all google apps and services and other apps with the disable ability
    8-and finally flashed the latest stock firmware available online
    the phone ain't rooted , no cwm, and no custom kernels, other than the camera the phone is working great without a single problem
    is there anything else i should try? thanks in advance
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