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San Martin upcoming releases // Speedmaster 38, RPX 40, Datejust 36

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I was browsing the San Martin Taobao store, I usually do it to check the reviews and photos posted on newer San Martin watches.
I saw that San Martin announced 3 new exciting watches for pre order :

1. Speedmaster 57

My favorite new release :
6 colorways
38.5 mm, 13 mm thickness and 47.5 mm Lug to lug.
ST1901 movement.
Watch Photograph Analog watch Product Rectangle

2. Datejust 36

36 mm, 11 mm thickness and 44 mm lug to lug
PT5000 and SW200 movement
A lot of colorways (They are overdoing the "tiffany" thing)

Watch White Analog watch Clock Material property

3. Surprising PRX 40 :

3 colorways : Blue, Black and Silver
40mm, 10.5 mm thickness, 45 mm lug to lug
Miyota 9015 movement

Watch Analog watch Clock Rectangle Watch accessory

Watch Analog watch Clock Rectangle Watch accessory

What do you guys think ??


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Those Speedmasters look sick, and I'm not even a big Speedmaster fan. Mechaquartz and lower price and I'd get one. But ST saves me money haha

The PRX I find odd. It will probably cost the same as the Tissot quartz version. Are people really going to pay for a knockoff just to get a Miyota 9015? Seems silly to me, personally.
In general I would prefer a 9015 powered watch over a quartz, but I think you're right in this case. When an homage starts getting this close to the real thing in terms of price, I'm not sure how much appeal there is for the homage. But you know, different strokes for different folks.
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