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San Martin upcoming releases // Speedmaster 38, RPX 40, Datejust 36

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I was browsing the San Martin Taobao store, I usually do it to check the reviews and photos posted on newer San Martin watches.
I saw that San Martin announced 3 new exciting watches for pre order :

1. Speedmaster 57

My favorite new release :
6 colorways
38.5 mm, 13 mm thickness and 47.5 mm Lug to lug.
ST1901 movement.
Watch Photograph Analog watch Product Rectangle

2. Datejust 36

36 mm, 11 mm thickness and 44 mm lug to lug
PT5000 and SW200 movement
A lot of colorways (They are overdoing the "tiffany" thing)

Watch White Analog watch Clock Material property

3. Surprising PRX 40 :

3 colorways : Blue, Black and Silver
40mm, 10.5 mm thickness, 45 mm lug to lug
Miyota 9015 movement

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Watch Analog watch Clock Rectangle Watch accessory

What do you guys think ??


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Even though i like these releases i think they should slow down a bit and make sure to get them right on first release. I’d like to get the Speedy chrono copy but because they’re releasing so much the thought comes up if they’re going to do a smaller black bay chrono or a daytona or later on do a better upgraded version. It’s making me hesitant to get anything.
I agree with you on this point, I would preferred if they could of done a V2 of the Vintage GMT, or even an upgraded SN0019 instead of releasing a new watch every couple of weeks.
Their BB Chrono is maybe discontinued, it's not listed anywhere anymore !!!!
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Those Speedmasters look sick, and I'm not even a big Speedmaster fan. Mechaquartz and lower price and I'd get one. But ST saves me money haha

The PRX I find odd. It will probably cost the same as the Tissot quartz version. Are people really going to pay for a knockoff just to get a Miyota 9015? Seems silly to me, personally.
I dunno ... 10.5 mm thick automatic watch is out there on the quartz territory, blowing it out of the way taking into account the San Martin finishing (this is just my personal opinion).
According to SM Taobao store, the PRX will be priced at 1750¥, so basically in the 280/300$ range, that's 80$ cheaper than the PR Quartz.
I wouldn't buy it personally tho.
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Am I looking at this wrong? Is the PRX model ~ 600 Yuan, or about $100 USD?
They are still on pre order.
hey usually do something like this for all their new releases, you pay 750 Yuan to have one, and in 2 months time, you pay the rest (1000 yuan).
About the PRX hommage: I own a Tissot PRX, and I'm not a big fan of the braclet. Too thin, only push pins, quite a lot of flex in it. I wouldn't be surprised if the San Martin hommage would be of a higher quality in terms of fit, finish and tolerances.

The 36mm DJ is great new aswell. I hope it'll be a true 36mm case now, which seems like it, because of the smaller lug to lug distance then their current 37mm cases. I'd wish for an oyster style braclet, but you can't have everything.
I want to get an integrated bracelet watch for the office (dress watch basically). The Maurice Lacroix Aikon 39 was always at the top of my list, but I have decided lately to get the Tissot PRX (and get the Seiko SPB143, both instead of the ML).
Would you say the PRX is worth it ? Or does it have a lot of negative details which affect the overall experience.

I'm pretty sure San Martin's bracelet will be better than Tissot's. You can check the reviews on the SN013, it has the same bracelet as the PRX.
No blindness, just watches that people think look good, are good quality, and are affordable.
Truthfully I am torn between the Tissot PRX auto and the proposed SM "homage". I've seen prices for the Tissot in the low 500's which I consider affordable. I admit the waffle dial is growing on me, as well as the date. I still think the "1853" is annoying and unnecessary. I'd love to see a comparison between the two.

San Martin already has 2 integrated bracelet watches ... I'm pretty sure their finishing and quality will surpass Tissot's, especially on the bracelet.

The only side I can see to this "PRX homage" is for example, where I live, there isn't even one "Tissot" official store, you are expected to import them and pay an additional 20% on taxes, so the Tissot PRX suddenly costs around 700$. This, is when the San Martin homage becomes interesting. But not for me to be honest.

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The Speedmaster homage is doing great in pre orders (already 40 sold in a few days). The PRX homage is waay behind.

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my only complaint about the applied san martin text logo was that it straight up disappears in certain light. if they had brushed the top surface of the letters it would have been so much better.

their current hex logo suffers but in the complete opposite catches the light and loses all detail. I made a suggestion of infilling the logo with black paint. this would really help the look IMO.

or better yet, just print it on the dial.
I think I'm on the minority here, the logo really doesn't bother me, nor does the old "S" on the crown :LOL: (I only saw it once or twice over 10 months of owning the BB58).
They tried another logo, which maybe perfect to some, on their MM300, I don't know if you had it on your channel, it looks a lot like Seiko's applied logo.
That's weird I was told the PRX wouldn't be ready for sale for a couple months? OH , maybe this is pre-orders....
Yeah it's pre orders, I'm not 100% sure how it works, but I guess you pay 700¥ and you get a discount and get one sent to you as soon as they came out.
Best case scenario is 2 months, but it may take more, like with the BB Chrono.
1) It is probably not healthy that I am asking this question, but is this likely to be a situation where the only practical way to get one of these is on preorder? The panda BB chronograph retro seems to have sold out very quickly, came and went before I heard much chatter about it.

2) I wonder how much higher the purchase price is likely to be when these are listed for sale?

3) We know the downpayment is $109, but can we make any guesses about what the final cost of the watch will be?

Seems like some of the preorders from other micros/Chinese brands were the only avenue to ownership. When the watches became available for regular sale, they sold out very quickly.

I know I'm asking folks to predict the future. If the answer is, "Get professional help," I'll schedule an appointment with my psychiatrist.

Once a year or so, he comes out with some great one liners. One was, "I'm so sorry, maybe I wasn't listening carefully enough, but what is it you like about this girl again?" (I had nothing. Stopped chasing her, met my wife a year later.)

When I told him about my watch issues, and how they related to death anxiety: "Buying time, are we?"
hahaha maan, we are all up there :LOL:

I don't think you need to worry about them being out of stock that much, if they get loads of pre orders, they will surely make x3 of what they produce normally (the BB chrono listing completely vanished from the Taobao store as well).
The Explorer homage was very popular during the pre orders, and they made sure to produce enough to not go out of stock.
Regarding the price, it's 1860¥, which is the same price listed for the BB Chronograph (320$ if I remember) ...

I have to start ordering from Taobao ! Even the Seiko official store is much cheaper than the European dealers.
That sounds like a great idea, but with these homages I’m not sure how long they would last or if I’ll be able to get the cloned movements serviced properly and parts be available for the service person. I’d be happy to get 5-10 years. I wouldn’t expect it to be a fine running watch after that though. It would be cool though.

I’ve thought about heirlooms and I don’t think I’ll be passing down a San Martin. My kids are under 2.
The PT5000 is interchangeable with the SW200 and ETA 2428, instead of servicing it, you can swap the movement (a new PT5000 costs around 35$ brand new or investing in a Swiss ETA/SW movement).
Same for watches with NH35 and Miyota 9015, you can just get a new movement and swap it.
For the build quality, I can really see these San Martin watches hold their own for years and even decades, ceramic bezel, saphir crystal, stainless steel ... May even boldly suggest that the materials/build is better than old Seikos and Omegas :censored:
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NEW San Martin SPB143 Chronograph !!!!

This one looks great !

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Watch Analog watch Clock Silver Font

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Best things about it:

No useless 24hr subdial
No “Chronograph” text on dial.
And automatic, so more authentically retro.


But, seriously, don’t use Seiko (or anyone else’s model #s. You may make homages, but your manufacturing quality is pretty darn good. You’re a legit company, you can do better.
Just to clarify one thing, I'm not affiliated with San Martin in any shape or form :LOL: I have owned 3 SM watches, and I'm planing to get others, but like the majority there is always a little detail that keeps me away ! I just saw a new released watch and added it to the discussion ! I called it the SPB143 (62Mas), because the dial/hands/indices are very similar, San Martin called it the SN0007G-JS
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