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Maybe not - I read somewhere that Citizen install the crystal in some of their watches in such a way that its almost impossible to get a watertight fit with an aftermarket crystal.

I cant remember where I read it so maybe not true.

Ive got a BM6400-00e which looks similar and I would love to get a sapphire crystal put on it at some point in the future but not enough to hand it over to a third party with no guarantees of success. I have not read any posts from anyone who has done this with this watch.

A while back I did this

2016-01-02 19.10.07.jpg

I wrote to Citizen UK and asked if they could repair the watch but install a sapphire crystal this time. They did a good job and fixed the crystal so that it was good as new so I dont want to slag them off too much but they did ignore my request for sapphire ...didnt actually acknowledge it.

When I get around to it I might contact them again or Citizen in Japan and ask if this is possible. I did read somewhere! on here I think, that the JDM version of this watch did have a sapphire crystal so it might be possible if Citizen have some old stock of those sapphire crystals.
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