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You need to actually hold the OS300M before you decide. It's not blingy at all and the bracelet is actually very comfortable and better than sumo's 20mm width. The watch is built like a tank, and the bezel is the best in industry just like Rolex Deepsea Seadweller.

OS300M also has a 5.3mm sapphire AR-coated crystal unlike sumo and this titanium version. Who cares if it hacks or not, slight turn counter-clockwise will stop the second hand and won't even change back the time.

Ask anyone who actually owned OS300, it's in a difference league, period. Don't judge the watch by its pictures
My friend GeorgeRado has a yellow OS 300 and it is a beast of a watch. I actually find the bracelet to be a nice piece and it has the same diver's extension system the MM does. At this price point the OS 300 is hard to resist.

My problem with the "SHOGUN" (or whatever it will end up being called) is primarily with the hands. Why couldn't they have used the beautiful hands of the Ti Samurai or Sumo? The rest of the watch is really beautiful.

The hands though ugh... No way am I going to spend this much on a watch and then pay more to swap the hands; especially since I tend to like my watches original.:think:
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