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SBPG001 features: more questions

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Based on valuable discussions in previous threads, I'm ready to spring for the SBPG001 or 003, but I have two questions for those who own the watch (can't find the manual online yet!). First, in the world time mode, does it give you multiple city choices for each zone, like some G-Shocks do, or just one representative city. For instance, and this is the one I'm interested in, for GMT +2.0 does it offer you a choice to insert, e.g., Athens, Istanbul, Jerusalem and Cairo, or does the watch just provide one of those cities to represent the time zone -- and which one? And second question, how do you rate the volume of the beeper for the alarms and countdown timer? Is it loud enough to wake you from sleep, or get your attention in a noisy situation?
Thanks for your help and advice -- and enjoy your watch!
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Thank you, Gaijin, for all your helpful replies!
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