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Hi all. Searching through the forum I did not find enough about 819.315 Sea-Gull and decided to light up some impression about this model appeared on my wrist a couple of weeks ago.
Photo by Bandidozo on April 09, 2021. May be an image of wrist watch and chess.

First of all - I'm more than satisfied and would like to share the joy and give some advertising and description for this 819.315 bird.
The case looks very classical and has a nicely curved side, f-chamfer and a false screws on its lugs. The glass is also curved. Sapphire. There is nothing bad I can say about this case at all. I like the functionality of the movement. It's triple calendar is not perpetual, of course, and you will have to adjust it every ~2 months, but a day - week - month indication is very useful. 3 pushers allow to perform the adjustment easily. All pushers has a good response and nicely hidden inside the case. The movement developed in-house (st2527 index), has some not very impressive, but fine decoration on it's rotor and plates. This can be observed through the flat glass on the back side of the case. I would like that pattern to be more sharp and glossy, but it is ok and it is real (not an imitation like on cheap 6498 clones). One of plates in my watch has something like a trace (not a scratch). I can see it under some angles of light. Looks like a trace of storing parts in one pile. This trace may be annoying for some perfectionists even in 200$ watch, but I'm not that type of a person))). The rotor is noisy but I love it's sound))). The dial is very nice. It is not overloaded as it usually is on most of Chinese watches (a mixture of different fonts, lines, levels, styles and everything the designer can recall). This dial is very strict and formal. It has nothing extra- or over-. Every detail of it is on it's place. And it is not simply white, which is also nice. It's color is closer to some pearl powder paint or so. This cold tone gives some feeling of classy, you know))). Silver indices and hands with shiny edges, classical black fonts (of a Times New Roman family, I think) are strongly support the impression. And a very nice guilloche in the inner part. The whole pattern fits the place just perfectly and has no cuts, misfits, external intrusions or overlays. It is complete and attractive. Number 12 is slightly out of this style because of made of some different font. The crown is an onion type. It is classical big crown with S (for Sea-Gull of course) may be milled, I don`t know.. There one issue about the crown for me is how it is joined with the case on the lower side of the watch. There is some gap which does not attract me. I wish the crown to be deepen more in.
The only disappointing thing is a strap. It is made of some ordinary leather with an alligator belly pattern imitation, which is definitely should not be there. Even with this not very deep pattern, the strap could be ok, because it has a good clasp. And overall look is ok. But my wrist can't stand it. This strap has so rough inserts which does not remember the form of the wrist and separated the watch from the arm as much as it is possible each time you put it on. I've already replaced this strap with some other not very expensive but soft, thick enough and made of pork leather. After that the watch is just a stunner, IMHO. Wearing the watch occasionally and just joying the look.

Several live pictures under different lights. Made them fast using my smartphone.
photo5465201659614442920.jpg photo5465201659614442916.jpg photo5465201659614442918.jpg

A new strap
photo5465201659614442915.jpg photo5465201659614442914.jpg
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